Social Media night with Hunter Pence set for April 16

Tickets are currently available for our first exclusive Social Media night, which will take place on the Budweiser Patio April 16 and will feature the Astros’ most popular tweeter, Hunter Pence (also known in these circles as @hunterpence9).

What are Social Media nights, you ask? They’re once-a-month gatherings in the patio area right behind center field that include quite a few perks, including a 15-20 minute appearance by an Astros player.

Winning! (That's Christine holding an autographed ball won during the Twitter Triva contest)


Tickets cost $45, and for that, you receive the following:

* A game ticket in the Budweiser Patio — the area contains three rows and seats a total of 108.
* A Social Media night t-shirt (and like last year, we’ll offer an array of men’s and women’s sizes)
* Dinner: what we serve will be up to the fans. We’ll invite fans to vote on three choices through Twitter, and whatever gets the most votes is what we’ll serve. We’ll also throw in kettle chips and popcorn, and a half-pint of Blue Bell Ice Cream for dessert.
* An appearance by an Astros player. For the April 16 event, Pence will join us from 5 p.m. to around 5:15 (the game starts at 6) and will help hand out prizes — autographed baseballs and other signed items — that we’ll give away during our Twitter trivia contest. The contests will be conducted solely on Twitter.
* A mix and mingle with other Social Media fans. We hope you’ll take lots of pictures and post them on your Facebook pages as well as tweet about the fabulous time you’re having with your tweeps at the game.

The Budweiser Patio

The Budweiser Patio has always been a fantastic vantage point — you’re directly next to the bullpen and can watch the pitchers warm up from about 20 feet away — but this year it’ll be even better now that we’ve added a scoreboard in left field.

You'll be thiiiiiiiiis close to the bullpen. That's Wandy warming up for his start during last year's Social Media night.

Here are the rest of the Social Media dates for 2011:
Saturday, May 28 vs. Diamondbacks
Saturday, June 25 vs. Rays
Saturday, July 16 vs. Pirates
Saturday, August 20 vs. Giants
Saturday, September 24 vs. Rockies

Here is the link to order tickets for April 16…hope to see you there!

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