Astros lineup 4/13 vs. Cubs. Roof open. Happy 28th birthday Hunter Pence!


Would it be possible to get 2 complimentary tickets, one for myself and one for my mom. She’s 85 and cannot see very well due to her diabetes. She is and has been an Astros fan, since they were Colt 45’s. She would go to Butler Stadium and watch the Cardinals play when they were our farm team. She watches games on tv, the best she can, but mostly just listens. I would love to treat her to a game where she could sit close enough to see the players. Shes never been to Minute Maid. Would this be possible.?
Thanks alot for everything u do for our team. Connie

Anyone else dislike the weird “Welcome to Minute Maid Park” montage with the electronic voices of the players? This season ticket holder is in pain everytime she watches it. Any chance they will change it?

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