A weird, wacky, winning night at Miller Park.

The Astros haven’t won a lot at Miller Park in the last couple of years, but give them credit for making these games, if nothing else, incredibly interesting. And long.

As Brian McTaggart tweeted, the two teams have combined for 36 runs, 60 hits and have played seven hours and 34 minutes of baseball. But unlike the first game of the series when the Astros lost by the proverbial touchdown, Saturday’s game ended with a win, and with a few plays that, to the best of my knowledge, we haven’t seen before.

We know for sure no one has ever witnessed Brett Wallace falling on top of Mark Melancon. It’s possible that we’ve seen a 5-2-6-4-2 double play, but who remembers? And while we fondly remember the Astros turning a triple play back in 2004, that one — turned in Philadelphia, just as the Astros’ 36-10 run to the playoffs had begun — was more about luck and less about a fundamental meltdown on the opponent’s part.

Sometimes, teams lose ugly, as the Astros did on Friday. And sometimes, they can win ugly, too, which appeared to be the case the next night.

“It looked like a bomb went off in the eighth, on both sides,” Mills said. “Bodies laying everywhere.”

Wallace, who got crossed up with Melancon trying to nab the lead runner, simply chalked up the play to two teammates trying to get out of each other’s way. “My path to go to second was the same place as he slid,” Wallace said.

Added Melancon: “He was coming from behind me, from my blind spot. I didn’t see him until later. I had to slide to get out of his way. He turned and pivoted, and that was right where I was.”


Notes and nuggets as the Astros wrap up their six-game trek to New York and Milwaukee:

* The Astros will go home either 3-3 or 4-2 on the road trip, depending on Sunday’s outcome.

* Carlos Lee has 10 home runs against the Brewers since joining the Astros, and 31 career homers at Miller Park, ninth-most all-time.

* Hunter Pence has at least one RBI in six of his last eight games. All three of his home runs this year have come on the road.

* Brett Myers appears to have picked up where he left off last year, logging at least six innings in all five of his starts this year. * Michael Bourn has an eight-game hitting streak.

* Brandon Lyon blew the save but then saved his win on Saturday, but was credited only with the win, not the save. He also logged his first career base hit and RBI.


Don’t forget Q’s first stolen base!

Question Brett Dolan tweeted that it was a 5-2-6-4-2 double play… either way both are “the road less traveled” on the double-play-almost-triple-play front right? lol

I know it’s still early in the season, but if Brett Wallace continues to play like he has so far, could he be a legitimate candidate for rookie of the year?

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