Astros lineup 4/27 vs. Cardinals. Roof open. First pitch 7:05 CT.


I really have trouble following Mills’ thinking sometimes. I know Bill Hall has not been good, but he had a huge hit last night. Send him back out there to see if he can get going. And for the love of God, when is Carlos Lee going to sit? Did he threaten to sit on Mills or something? Bougusevic also had a huge hit last night, this would be the perfect time to let him start a game.

Is Brett Wallace considered a rookie this season or did he have enough at bats/games last year to make him a sophomore?

Geepers….Quintero has been playing awesome! WHY does Mills INSIST on not making him a full time starter? Do we have to go through this every season?

And seriously…Inglett starting at second against the Cardinals? He single handedly left 8 men stranded in his last start…plus his fielding leaves something to be desired. We can’t affford those risks in series in our division. Hall is never going to get a streak going if Mills insists on playing Inglett and Downs in his place. Where is Kepp when we need him?

Maybe it has something to do with the .385/.484/.654 that Towles is posting, better than Quintero in every conceivable offensive category, with .2 higher WAR than Q over exactly 50% as many at-bats?

I would definitely not use the war stat to make any argument in baseball. It is a ridiculous stat. The stats that are important are offense production, and defense. Towles has a better batting average but less at bats. We will see where his numbers are when he gets more at bats. Quintero has a pickoff already and a history of pickoffs in his career. Towles has slightly better numbers in a few categories but percentages are misleading if the two players don’t play the same amount. I like towles but think q is the better catcher.

Really? Hall got a big hit? It was another Double play ball with the fielders in position. He just got lucky his dinker found a hole…He has been struggling and needs to sit (27 Ks in 21 games, who does he think he is? Adam Dunn??). Carlos needs to be moved out of the 4 hole until he starts driving the ball, that pop up in the 9th simply cannot happen in that situation. Get a pitch and drive it somewhere!! He is our “RBI guy” and clean up hitter. Towles has been good offensively and needs to be given playing time. I think Inglett is playing tonight to see if he is going to be released when Barmes & or Kepp come back….Not many players in the infield with options left and there is no reason to send Sanchez anywhere!

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