Programming note: the spotlight is on Michael Bourn.

Prior to the Astros-Reds game Tuesday, FS Houston will air a special on center fielder Michael Bourn, tracing his path as a young boy growing up in Houston to a now Gold Glove outfielder for his hometown Astros.

“Spotlight: Michael Bourn,” produced by FS Houston’s Patti Smith, examines Bourn’s bond with his dad, Ray, as well as his friendship with fellow MLB All-Star Carl Crawford. Also included in this feature is the deeply personal loss his family went through when his older brother died tragically, before Michael was born.

FS Houston interviewed a slew of people for this show, including Bourn’s parents, Ray and Carrie, plus Crawford and Bourn’s high school coach. We’re also  going to see a lot of fun photos, like these:

In one segment, Ray Bourn remembers how athletic Michael was, even as a baby.

“I kind of realized at an early age that he was an athletic kid,” Ray Bourn said. “One day we were watching a baseball game and I rolled the ball and he was 10 months old and he brought the ball back to me and I rolled it again and thought, ‘well it’s on now.'”

As time went on, “The problem I had I didn’t know his limitations,” Ray said. “I’m hitting the ball probably twice as hard as I should be hitting to him and he’s still stopping and catching everything and I’m wondering what do I do. I didn’t want to scare him because he was real aggressive and eventually I did and he was able to handle it and I know there was something special there. So I began to test him and see his limitations and weaknesses…and he was
actually above where he should be by at least two or three years.”

The show airs Tuesday at 5 CT, before the Astros’ 6:10 CT game in Cincinnati.


Can you watch this if you live out of market?

Yay, thanks for the tip Alyson. Bourn is a fellow Nimitz Cougar…though he was born about a year after I graduated ::sigh:: But it will be neat to hear the recollections of his playing under Del Hinze, who was there when I was. Wild stuff.🙂
#1 fan in Little Rock, AR🙂

Whenever they make these “Spotlight” shows, they’re never on. I have DirecTV, live inside the Houston city limits, watch all the Astros’ games on FS-Houston, but the Spotlight shows are never on TV for me. Extremely frustrating.

P.S. 1970 Ford Mustang in the background, nice.

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