On deck: Social Media Night No. 2 — May 28 in the Budweiser Patio

Our first Social Media night of 2011 was another rousing success, and fortunately, we don’t have to wait long for event No. 2.

We’re hosting six of these shindigs this year — one per each month of the baseball season. Our May event will be held on Saturday the 28th, and will feature third baseman Chris Johnson (also known as @cjastros23 for you Social Media aficionados).

Prizes will be signed (and presented) by Chris Johnson.

Included on the agenda is a tour and batting practice viewing, prior to the start of the program in the Budweiser Patio. You can attend both, or one, or, if you choose, neither (all you have to do in that case is meet us at the Budweiser Patio by 5 p.m. for a 6 p.m. game.)

Here’s the rundown:

3 p.m.: Early Bird Tour and/or Batting Practice Viewing begins from the Union Station Lobby
4 p.m.: Gates open to the public
4:45 p.m.: Tweep gathering at the Budweiser Patio
5 p.m.: Appearance by Chris Johnson, Twitter Trivia
6:05 p.m.: First pitch/Dinner is served

Two major components of these programs will be conducted through Twitter. First, in the next few days, I’ll tweet three dinner options, and all you have to do is tweet back your choice. I’ll tally up the votes and the one that receives the most votes is what we’ll serve.

Second, Chris Johnson will be on hand from 5-5:15 to give out prizes fans can win through Twitter Trivia. I’ll ask the question and then the first one to tweet back the correct answer wins. Prizes will include baseballs autographed by Johnson, and the CJ Pink Bat Bobbleheads we gave out over the weekend.

It is very important, subsequently, that you are following me on Twitter, as that is the only way to win prizes. It’s a simple process to sign up (twitter.com), and here’s the direct link to my Twitter page.

Tickets are $45. Please click here to reserve your tickets. Hope to see you there!


why ,if I work there , for the Budweiser Patio ? ………just ask

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