Thursday notes: Texas Children’s Hospital visit, Brownie’s anniversary, and Tuesday Tweet-up.

Four Astros players, plus Junction Jack, made a special visit to pediatric oncology patients at Texas Children’s Hospital Thursday morning. Armed with wagons filled with Astros teddy bears, caps and baseballs, much of the Astros’ infield — Matt Downs, Chris Johnson, Angel Sanchez and Brett Wallace — went room to room to deliver autographed goodies to the kids, pose for pictures and visit with the families.

At the end of the trip, the group convened in the playroom, where they painted baseballs with several of the children.

Sad circumstances, but a happy couple of hours. Enjoy the photos.

Painting baseballs


When Bill Brown was inducted into the Texas Baseball Hall of Fame a few years back, included in his “highlight video” were his calls of Jeff Bagwell’s first Major League hit and 300th home run.

“Brownie” has been around a long time — long enough to watch the beginning and end of both Bagwell and Craig Biggio’s careers, long enough to have watched the Astros reach an all-time high with 97 losses in 1991 and long enough to witness the other all-time high — the first World Series appearance in franchise history in 2005.

The man we all know as “Brownie” is celebrating his 25th year as the Astros’ primary play-by-play television announcer this year. On Saturday, the Astros will celebrate Brownie.

He’ll be recognized on the field during a pregame ceremony prior to the Astros’ game with the Braves at 6:05. Brownie’s wife, Dianne, will be in attendance, as will many other family members. The Astros plan to show a video tribute, which should be a nice for those of us who love to wallow in nostalgia. Until you really sit down and watch/listen, it’s impossible to digest just how many Astros moments Brownie has called as part of a 32-year career as a baseball broadcaster.

Not so coincidentally, Saturday is also Brownie and J.D. Bobblehead Day. We’ve posted the picture before, but it’s worth a repost. With Brownie getting his due props and young Jordan Lyles taking the mound for his Minute Maid Park debut, Saturday should be a great day all around.


We’re hosting a casual Tweet-up next Tuesday (June 14) in the bullpen boxes, behind right field. The format is casual — the Budweiser Patio will be reserved for a pregame mixer for Tweet-up ticket holders, and once the game begins, we’ll start tweeting trivia questions and giving away prizes. Among the stuff we’re giving away: signed bobbleheads, baseballs and t-shirts.

Tickets are $15, discounted from $27, and we’re hoping our Social Media savvy fans will join us for a night of mixing, mingling and Astros baseball.

We’ll have two Tweet-ups this year — June 14 and Aug. 2. Click here to sign up…see you there!


Hunter Pence extended his hitting streak to 20 games on Thursday, which seemed like a good time to send out a friendly reminder to fill out your All-Star ballots early and often and help send our right fielder to Phoenix in July.

Fans can cast their votes for starters up to 25 times at and all 30 club sites — online or via your mobile device — using the 2011 All-Star Game Ballot Sponsored by Sprint until June 30 at 10:59 p.m. CT.

You can vote by simply clicking here.


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Thank y’all so much for visiting and the gifts! It’s really awesome to have given up your time and attention! U visited my son today, 921 (LSU decorated room) thanks so much!!!

WOW!!!!! What a GREAT story!! Matt Downs is just about my favorite player, on this team.
He’s a gamer, and a great teammate! Look at the child looking up at him!! I’ve voted so many
times for Hunter, my fingers are getting cramps!! You know Alyson……Lance Berkman is
doing just what he’s being paid to do. I do NOT harbor ill feelings toward him. It was NOT
his fault that Ed Wade didn’t want him back. I heard a snippy remark made by Milo again
tonight about Berkman. I along with a WHOLE LOT of others do NOT appreciate his comments.
Thanks, Becky🙂🙂

My prayers for a gorgeous Astro have been answered. Helloooo Sanchez.

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