Social Media Night, presented by Ford Focus, set for Saturday night. Tickets available here.

Social Media Night No. 3 is right around the corner, and with just a few days until the team returns home for another long homestand, tickets for this premium night are still available.

Social Media Night, presented by Ford Focus, will take place Saturday night (June 25) in the Budweiser Patio behind center field and will feature first baseman Brett Wallace as the special guest.

For the price of $45 per ticket, you’ll receive a ballpark tour, batting practice viewing, a ticket to the game, t-shirt, dinner, dessert and an opportunity to win prizes through our Twitter Trivia contests. Wallace will make an appearance from 5-5:15 and hand out prizes to the Twitter Trivia winners.

Ford Focus will have a display at the ballpark, where you can sign up to receive information about the 2012 Ford Focus and enter for a chance to win a 2011 F-150 customized PBR truck.

Seating for Social Media Night is limited — just 108 seats available. You can reserve your tickets by clicking here. See you then!

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