Astros lineup 6/25 vs. Rays. First pitch 6:05 p.m. CT


Please start Bourgeois over Lee! Why do you start Lee each game? Because he is being paid $19 mil a year? Because you need a power threat in the lineup? Well guess what? You screwed up and way overpaid him…don’t compound the problem by playing him game after game and hitting him in the cleanup spot. Also, we have NO power threats! Lee is only a popup threat that only gets hits when it doesn’t matter. Finally, Bourgeois has speed, and speed doesn’t go into slumps. For this team to win games, we are going to have to get hits and move people over (through steals, bunts, hit-and-runs). Lee does not fit into that equation. Paid him $19 mil to sit on the bench. I would much rather see that!

Agreed John. Playing small ball can certainly win games. Just ask Augie. It will bring also in the crowds as much or more than long ball.

John…….I gotta agree with you on this one! I’m pretty sick of the “Lee pop-ups”,
but when you’re paying a guy that much money……ya gotta play him. Bourgeois
has a nagging hammy, so unless Lee gets hurt, we won’t see Jason! Sorry, but
that’s the truth!🙂

A move made by Ex-gm Tim Purpura…. Carlos Lee that is. It looked good from the beginning. Now…? He’s worthless as a cleanup hitter! He does not radiate that fear that other power threats impose on pitchers. Take Albert Pujols, yea hes hurt now, but MLB pitchers fear him. I think if the right lineup comes around for the Astros, Brett Wallace could be feared among many. Lance Berkman, another example of the fear of pitchers. Josh Hamilton. Prince Fielder. So until a big lineup change is made, we will not see Brett Wallace the way he was meant for!

I agree with both of you. Bourgeois makes things happen, and I think we’re better off with the 1-2 punch of Bourn and Bourgeois to make things happen. Its absolutely stupid, that after the game in Arlington where Bourn and Bourgeois were practically the only offense until the 9th, that they just stick him back on the bench. Let Bourgeois play!!!

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