Astros lineup 7/16 vs. Pirates. First pitch 6:05 CT.



Alyson Footer-this is Good Friend but i Got a Great idea to Beat the the Pittsburgh Pirates tonight if Brad Mills Will Make a Change On the Line Up Card for tonight that for Brain Bougsevic for Playing in Leftfield Batting 7th for Replacing Jason Michaels For Carlos Lee Will Bat 3rd On Firstbase Bud Norris Will Bat 9th but for Batting 8th He Will Make a change for Humberto Quintero Played Last Night for to Replace Humberto Quintero is Carlos Corpproan Will Do the Catching tonight

Same old crap from Mills. Don’t know why I thought it would change after break. I’m done until they cut/trade these old guys and let the young guys play. Even Downs is caught in it now.

Alyson Footer-to Win this Division is to Make Ed Wade to Get these Purchase Contracts for Calling Up for Jose Altuve Please tell that for Ed Wade Please.

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