Astros lineup 7/27 at Cardinals. First pitch 7:15 p.m. CT

Hunter Pence is receiving a day off…he was told by manager Brad Mills last night that he would be off today.


Glad you put that about Pence. When I did see his name in the lineup, the first thing I thought was that he had been traded and no one was talking about it yet.

No matter what he says or people think, the trade talks have gotten to Pence. He is a great player and one I believe should not be out of the lineup. He needs to just play and start having fun again, as should the rest of the team.

Hunter is entering a “twilight zone” of baseball. He desperately wants to stay here, and
yes, you are correct, the trade talks are getting to him. Ed Wade needs to be upfront
with Hunter. Either let him know he’s NOT going to be traded, or tell him he is.
I *HATE* that these trade talks are going on right now. The team is playing so poorly
this is the LAST thing they need. Becky:(😦😦

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