Astros lineup 7/28 at Cardinals. First pitch 7:15 p.m. CT


I, as readers know, am a big supporter of Brett Wallace, and think that Mills has been, all year, and is screwing the young man for whatever reason. The way he is playing Wallace now is defeating the young man’s growth and confidence, and is, at least until Mills is gone or stops this nonsense, ruining his chance to develop at the major league level. He has only hit .303 in all of his minor league seasons, so I think he can hit. The only option to let Brett develop, I’m afraid and it’s not something I would advocate if we had a real manager who knows what he is doing, is to send him to OC and let him play every day and get his stroke back. Watching him now is almost painful. He hits the ball, but a lot of “atums” and with nothing to show for it, and then he is pinch hit for in “critical” and non”critical” situations. Makes no sense. Send him down and let him play and hit every day until we get a real major league manager and a real hitting coach, then bring him back up. None of this is helping him.

Pepper…….There is NO ONE, other than Carlos Lee, to play first!!! No one in the minors
is ready to make the “jump”. Wallace *is* your first baseman, but I agree ya gotta see what
ya have facing ANY pitchers! Becky:)

he needs to be playing Wallace. What do we need to find out from Bourgeious that we dont already know? At least he isnt sitting Wallace to play J-Mike

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