Astros lineup 7/30 at Milwaukee. First pitch 6:10 p.m. CT

J.D. Martinez is due to arrive to Miller Park around 5 p.m.



Darnit, we want Martinez…

And Altuve…not somebody who hasn’t put a ball in play in a week and a half!

Just saw a picture of Hunter Pence in a Phillies uniform………I went to the
bathroom and threw up.:(😦😦😦

Looks like a farm team line up. Still pissed…

still upset, kind of understand what they are doing, but why give the good teams our key players, seems as if those teams are the ones making the good decisions, after all look at where they are at in the standings. I wish Hunter Pence the best of luck, which really he has gone to a great team which I think they will welcome him with open arms!

No Martinez, no Altuve. And yes, no Pence. I see no reason to watch…. but for some reason I still will.

Will Bourn be traded like Pence in the 5th? It sucks. New management sucks! Wade is a Phillie at heart, he needs to go most of all!!

I had to fight back some tears last night when I saw Pence hugging the guys in the dougout…..Really emotional stuff. I still can’t get over the trade.

Hey Alyson…..WOW!! I *LIKE* what I see out of Martinez!! A big DOUBLE!!
I wanna see this kid in the lineup tomorrow!! COOL!!!!!!!! Becky:)🙂🙂

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