Astros lineup 7/31 at Milwaukee. First pitch 1:10 p.m. CT

NOTE: The game will not be televised today. It can be viewed on



This lineup strikes fear into no one now. From bad to worse!

Not if you live in Astros’ TV territory.

Ed Wade SUCKS! However he is in charge of the phillies AAA farm team in houston, formerly known as The Houston Astros. If wade’s parents are still alive, they should go into hiding or he might send them to philly. A very true but disguested Astro fan forever! Excuse me I have to go throw up!

Well seeing that makes me sad😦

Alyson – Is it at all possible Bagwell or Biggio might get more involved with the team (General Manager? Field Manager?) – They’ve always cared so much about the city and the fans – am I just dreaming? I would also include Ausmus, but I know he’s West Coast family-connected. Is there any hope, at all, we could see these guys again in managerial roles? I am so sick of management just renting space in Houston. Any positive news, at this point, would be much appeciated. 🙂 Thank you.

Even though Astros are rebuilding, does not look to be a good trade (Bourn) for what we got in return.

As someone who really wants to look at the glass half full, I will reserve judgement. After the first 10 minutes of anger and frustration watching Hunter run off the field, I resigned myself to the fact that this is what it will be like for a while. I was an Astros fan before and I will be one still. I really enjoyed watching the team, after the 86 team grew old, start to rebuild in the late 80’s and early 90’s. It was rough, but we saw some great players come along and it worked out for a long time. We know there are going to be changes in management, why not start now instead of waiting till the off season.
On a positive note, it looks like we’ll have the number one draft pick next year. 🙂

We’ll probably waste our #1 draft pick on something stupid like a high school third baseman.

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