Astros lineup 8/1 vs. Reds. First pitch 7:05 p.m. CT



The road begins today.

where is brett wallace?


Brett Wallace and Chris Johnson have been sent down, I think.

Maybe they’ll surprise us?

Yeah.. wishful thinking I know. I look forward to the day when we get a return on those prospects.

Let’s Go ‘Stros!!

A far cry from the everyday lineup 7 years ago, which included Biggio, Beltran, Bagwell, Berkman, Kent and a still productive Morgan Ensberg.

Baseball is cruel sometimes. Rebuilding is never the popular decision, although it’s usually the right one. As Richard Justice has said, this was the absolute right time to deal Pence and Bourn. They values were at an all-time high, and although both a solid contributors, neither is considered a superstar. The value on the Pence deal was adequate.

My only concern is the return in the Bourn deal. I try not to read too much into the national “experts” and their generic, repetitive opinions. But when scouts and general managers say Wade was fleeced, I cringe.

thanks for the info, i thought brett had been doing pretty good and i know he had improved quite a bit.

i really thought i was keeping up with this pretty good but apprently not, lol but where is corporan? night off? or is he still with us?

What does (S) mean? Is this Durango’s and Paredes”s first start???

switch hitter

(S) means switch hit. Not a bad lineup, does Durango have the arm to play RF? I don’t really know, I kind of think Bourg could be in CF. My only wish was that we had a younger and better 1B.

this is paredes first start, and durango has has some time with the padres.

RF is the big-arm position. Durango is in CF and Boogey is in RF.

I went on vacation for a week and I get back to check the Astros lineup and…did Corpus Christi move to Houston? Great…my team is nothing but a Double A team. Rebuilding? Its more like nuking the planet and trying to repopulate it. Its going to be a long, long decade. The bag of shame will remain on my head.

I agree with Frank this is a AA or A baseball team. We have gotten rid of all our good players and what did we get in return? I’ve been an Astro’s fan since I can remember and I’m having doubts about this management team is taking us. It time to clean out the management team. When do the new owners take over. I alway argued when people call us the Lastros, but now I can’t say anything. It’s a sad time for hard core Astro’s(maybe former) fans.

I agree with you! I have also heard us called the deastros!

When the season started I was wondering if they would won 50% of their games. Now I’m wondering if they will just win 50 games all season?

unfortunately the rebuilding process is going to be a long and very disappointing time for Astros fans such as myself..unforunately we’re going to eventually lose Wandy & Myers to the Yankees in due we have to watch a minor league Astros team trying to play with the big boys..we will definitely lose alot of games now..might even break the mlb record for most losses in a season..someone please FIRE the entire management crew along with the owner..this is not how you run a major league franchise=(

I am so mad! I think that Ed Wade needs to be let go ! he is making us a AA BALL CLUB. I was upset with us giving away as I call it Berkman and then Roy and now with these two guys. I am so upset that I might not watch the Astros for a while and I have been a fan since I was little and I am almost 38. My mother was a Buff fan and then a Colts fan and a Astros fan and it was through her I got the love for the game . My dad does not like sports unless one of us 6 kids were in it. I am the youngest of 6. Also I went to the same High School as Bourne, but a few years earlier than him. His parents live in the subdivision my parents do. We lost some great players to keep or get what? Mr.Wade u need to think things through before you so called let people go. We had to send cash also with Pence which shows how much he was worth. Hope that all this pays off and that in the off season Wade is let go like he was from the Phillies and ………….. From a very upset loyal fan who goes to 20 to 30 games a season .

Alyson, This just might be the wierdest lineup I’ve ever seen you post!
These are not your everyday Astros. They are your *NEW* Astros!
Time to see what, or who we got. We might be VERY surprised, who
knows there might be a new Bourn or a new Pence in this group!!
I’m excited!! GO BOYS!!!!!!!!!! Becky:)🙂

I would like to know how we can get Lance ,Bourne and Pence back in the off season and how can we fire Ed Wade? I want to go back to the days of Derker and the Killer B’s’. I know some of the Killer B’s are no longer playing ball, but they can join the team on the field as coaches or they can take Ed Wades job. I love my ‘stros, but not sure how I feel about them ( the players) . I know how I feel about the front office. I FEEL BETTER NOW THAT I GOT TO SAY WHAT I WANTED!

well considering half these guys are under 24 it might be painful to watch now, but given that they are so young and with Castro and Shafer coming back soon (also both under 24) This team might gel and be pretty good in a couple of years if they all stick. Singleton/ Wallace/Springer(hopefully) will be in the mix then too.

I think the fact that some of them played together in CC will only help them too. Altuve and so far Martinez don’t look scared or intimidated at all which is a good sign. Lets see how Paredes looks though. Like Wade said this is too early for him, but his friends are up here so maybe he will be ok.

Folks, Pence is gone. Bourn is gone. Berkman is gone. Oswalt is gone.
We are NOT getting them back. This is the NEW, “new”. We are all angry
and VERY sad, but time has to go on, and so do WE! If no one gives these
kids a chance, how do we know what they are made of? Keep an open mind
and a forgiving heart. The season was over two months ago. Let ’em play.

Bourn and Pence was the heart and soul of the Astros, BUT… This is the worst Astros team in history and with the way our minor league system is it would have taken a decade to get out of the cellar. Bourn and Pence weren’t anywhere near as touted as 5 or 6 of the guys we got in this trade. So if we can get 5 or 6 guys that will be playing as good as Bourn or Pence is in 3 to 4 years then this will be great and It keeps us from becoming the perennial losers that the Pirates and the Cubs are. So look to the future and understand that this is how baseball is.

Who are these guys???? Just bring up the Corpus Christi Hooks and let them play!

I think it is a joke. Mills should walk out. He didn’t sign to manage a double “A” team!

While I can logically see that the team needs an overhaul, Having to completely dismantle an entire professional sports team is proof of poor management. I have been watching the Astros since the 80s and other than bringing in a few expensive stars for one year to make a “run” I’ve never seen any sign of them doing anything to build consistently competitive teams. I’m being optimistic and hoping the new ownership can change that.

This has been probably the longest two weeks of the season. Kepp is traded, then Pence, then Bourn. National media is saying Astros could lose 110+ this season and for a couple more after that. They are also asking, “who would want to watch this team play after trading the two best players the Astros have?” Okay, I can live with the trades, BUT why not trade or release the “new” first baseman who is WAY OVER paid and whose skills have declined this year. And I hope that Jim Crane cleans out the management positions for the Astros. Wade and Mills have got to GO!

Trust me if they could, they would. They have asked. No one wants him. Lee has been hitting nicely (as of late), he could be a decent (overpriced) veteran until someone comes looking for a DH (if he continues to hit well into next season).

SWEET!!!!!! Our “Baby” Astros get their FIRST WIN!!!!!!!!! I *LIKE* IT!! Becky:)


It is what it is. Sure Wade has made some decisions that are very easy to question, but let’s think about the two GM’s before him. In the early to Mid 2000’s it seems that there were a few free agents signed that cost the Astros their first round draft pick. It gave Houston some very good and exciting teams, but made it hard to build a deep farm system. Now we are seeing this come back to haunt us.
It’s brutal to watch, but still better than being a Cubs fan. At least we know this will pass.

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