Astros lineup 8/2 vs. Reds. First pitch 7:05 p.m.


Alyson…..I *LIKE* your new lineup!! Tell the “kids” we love the way they are playing!
Like I said yesterday, there just might be a *new* Hunter Pence, or Michael Bourn
to fall in love with!! Paredes needs to get some weight on him, he’s SKINNY!!!
Looking forward to some new pictures from you! Becky:)🙂🙂🙂

Yes! As you said in another post Becky, its time to move on, and let’s see what these kids can do! And you never know who will emerge as the next ‘face(s)’ of the Astros. 🙂. I hated to see Pence and especially my fellow Nimitz high alumn Bourn get traded, but it was totally the right thing to do. They both worked so hard to get to the level of play they’re on and we were damned if we do/don’t in their situations.

Alas, I’m already to be on board the train with Altuve and whomever else might come along that can light this team up. I can totally are Altuve becoming a fan favorite. He seems like a happy kid and I love that!🙂. I’m also ready to hear our PA announcer at MMP fire up the place with ‘Al-TOOOOOOOO-vay!, heh heh. And btw announcers, the ‘ve’ at the end of his name should be pronounced ‘vay’ not ‘vee’, like I keep hearing. Ironically if his name ended with ‘s’ it probably wouldn’t be a problem.🙂. Back to your reg scheduled programming.🙂

4 switch hitters? That might be the most in one lineup this year.

Go get ’em fellas!

No .. seriously…. who is starting today….

I was wondering how long before Bourgeois does not start… After all he has been tearing the cover off the ball…. Trade, option him or sit him…. We cant take it all and not have an opinion… My home is wall to wall Astros stuff… I will continue watching when Ed Wade is fired….. Love the new kids…. Let me know when Ed Wade is fired…. I will be back then… and all of you should feel the same. Ed burned the house down, and got fleeced in giving away our best…. Not one baseball educated soul can argue that. Wade wears Philly slippers and blanky when he goes home.

Baseball is about going out there enjoying the moment with a friend or family socializing letting loose and enjoying a great past time. This is the best time to go out there and support your team. The rest of the season is the building blocks of this teams future. Don’t miss and opportunity to say I was there. You never know if these new kids get fan support and sell out crowds we might build something great here.
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*AMEN* everybody!!! Becky:)🙂🙂🙂🙂

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