Astros lineup 8/3 vs. Reds. First pitch 7:05 p.m. CT


J. Mike should not play or pinchit. He has little talent fthis team for to run him out.

Ugh. I’m sick of seeing Michaels’ name in the starting lineup.

why why why is Micheals in the lineup??? Bogu can do so much better and would be good to see him get some extended playing time…

Seriously why is Michaels on the team, no one wants to watch him play, if you go young DO it!!!

Poor Lyles…. Not your fault bud…. Keep on being you, and just pray that Wade is gone tomorrow…. lineup is a joke, and that is not a knock on Mills… not his fault either…. Here you go Mills, here is crap, make steak out of it.

Would rather have Jake Goebbert in place of J-Mike.

Why Bogusevic isn’t starting instead of Michaels is beyond me.

for that matter why isnt Durango at least in over Michaels. He looks awkward trying to bunt so many times but at least he is fun to watch with all his energy

Re: why Michaels is in the starting lineup. How about….
A. To keep the other old guys in the lineup company.
B. To keep winning the race for worst in all of baseball to lock in those 1st round draft picks for next year.
C. Mills, knows something we fans don’t.

I agree I’m tired of seeing Millsy giving Michaels at bats. Yet, I believe he will be gone by the 1st of September. I believed Millsy impaled Wallace production by sitting him when he was productive. We all read/heard the scouting reports upon acquiring Wallace that he can hit left handers as well as right handers. Yet, Millsy sat Wallace against most left handers and giving those opportunities to Michaels. Wallace hit well in spring training and in the months of April and early May; he was very productive. In late May and June, Millsy started platooning Wallace with Lee at 1B and Michaels in LF. If the Astros line of thinking they wanted to showcase Lee at 1B and Michaels with hopes of trading them is crazy. If so, they made a colossal mistake having a negative impact on the mental psychic of Wallace. When a young hitter is productive, you should keep him in the line-up and not benched him to rectify a $100m mistake. Astros management need to cut their losses stop throwing more resources in the hole to rectify the $100 million error.


Release J. Mike and Durango and bring up J.B. Shuck and Clemens. Let see if Clemens can be the late innings power bat off the bench.

I am actually kind of excited to see Schafer now, maybe when he comes up they can release MIchaels. I heard Schafer was the Braves top prospect 2 years ago, Just think about it he is the same age as bourn when he came over with about the same average and is also an extremely good defender I read. Not as fast but a little more pop. Chipper Jones said Yesterday he thinks the change of scenery will help Schafer progress too with all the other young guys. Apparently in June he was hitting pretty good for a few weeks right before he got hurt in July

SOS from Mills. The youth movement? No such thing with this guy. Why in the world is Michaels playing? No Bogusevec or Durango. Goodness gracious. Why go to the park if this is what you might see, and most likely will. Please Crane, do something about this.


Saw your J. Mike tweet last night. Our call for younger players have nothing to do with J. Mike’s ability to perform at this level or his ability to help this team win some games. It’s about getting younger players experience and evaluating them against MLB talent.


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