Friday Night Notes: Social Media Night, ballpark food and Buddies Club party.

Tickets are now on sale for our next Social Media Night, which will take place Aug. 20 on the Budweiser Patio and will feature our special guest, second baseman Jose Altuve (who, incidentally, tweets in two languages).

Tickets cost $45 and can be purchased by clicking here. The event includes a game ticket in the Bud Patio, dinner, dessert, t-shirt, ballpark tour and batting practice viewing. We’ll also hold our Twitter trivia contest, which will take place from 5 to 5:15 p.m., at which time Altuve will be on hand to give out the prizes (we’ll have a dozen signed Altuve baseballs for distribution).

But wait! There’s more. We’re adding a new element for our Aug. 20 event. As soon as everyone is assembled in the patio, we’ll throw everyone’s name into a hat and draw one from the pile, raffle-style. The winner will be whisked off to the press box at some point during the game to watch an inning from the television booth with Brownie and J.D. As you know, Jeff Bagwell does Saturday home games in the booth as well, so assuming he’s working that night, this could be the best $45 you’ll ever spend.

(Whoever wins will be permitted to bring one person with them to the booth, as long as they are also a Social Media Night attendee.)

The Aug. 20 event will be the fifth Social Media Night of 2011. The final one will take place on Saturday, Sept. 24.


The good folks at ARAMARK were kind enough to offer us a mini-tour of a few food items that are new to the Minute Maid Park concourse menu this month. If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you know that we love food — sampling it, and writing about it. And finishing the samples when we’re done writing.

With that, we introduce to you the Blue Dog: a hot dog topped with bacon, bleu cheese, and roasted red pepper:

Normally I don’t do bleu cheese, but I decided, in the name of integrity and research, I’d give it a go and see what happens. Turns out, bleu cheese in very small doses isn’t too bad. And the dog was delicious.

(Extreme Hot Dog locations: Sections 125, 154, 427)

Next, we tasted the Chicken Bacon Ranch Nachos: Chips topped with grilled chicken, bacon and a ranch cheese sauce.

This was my favorite of the non-dessert options (more on that in a minute). The ranch cheese sauce pulled the whole dish together, and it  was nice to see that they didn’t skimp on the chicken — there was plenty, even as we neared the bottom of the platter.

(Kickin’ Nachos locations: Sections 114, 427)

And now for dessert…we sampled two new kinds of Blue Bell: Birthday Cake, and Krazy Kookie Dough.

As ARAMARK’S Jason Huff handed over the helmet containing the two scoops, he said, “I have to warn you. The Krazy Kookie Dough is really sweet.” My reply: “You have no idea who you’re dealing with.” Indeed, the Kookie Dough is rich, sweet and fantastic. Perhaps for most people, one small scoop would have been enough. Fortunately I’m not most people. I crushed both scoops in less than 20 minutes (with a little help from Twintern Rachel Frey — but not much).

(Blue Bell locations: Sections 116, 127, 151, 414, 423, 431)


The Astros held their annual Buddies Kids Club members-only autograph party on Friday and offered autograph sessions with seven players: Altuve, Clint Barmes, Carlos Corporan, Matt Downs, Jimmy Paredes, Jordan Lyles, Mark Melancon and Humberto Quintero. The players signed for about 90 minutes as part of a two-hour party that included dugout visits, games and other activities.

Barmes, Paredes

Melancon, Downs

The Coca-Cola Astros Buddies Kids Club is a club for the team’s youngest fans, 14 and under. For an annual membership fee of only $15, members receive numerous benefits:

* $64 coupon for four Astros tickets on pre-selected Buddies game dates
* Insulated lunch bag
* Astros Buddies Club collectible baseball cap
* Members-only autograph party at Minute Maid Park on August 5
* Opportunity to win autographed baseballs in monthly drawings
* Opportunity to participate in Astros Buddies Behind-The-Scenes Day
* Two newsletters
* Astros Buddies Coupon Book for special experiences and offers
* Membership card
* Front-of-the-line privileges for Run The Bases
* Favorite player photo card
* Astros sticker

Memberships are available online at, by calling the Astros Community Affairs department at 713-259-8000 or by visiting the Community Clubhouse located by section 107 on Astros Buddies game days and during most weekend dates.

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I wish I were young enough to be in the Astros Buddies Club! I can’t wait for Social Media Night. I’d pay to get that inning in the booth. *Fingers Crossed* I’m the lucky person.

Wow Alyson…your Social Media Night events sound like the BOMB.🙂 Sure hope I can get to attend one of those some day!🙂 Kinda hard from Little Rock.😦

And, I had to laugh about the comment you made about the ice cream and ‘you have no idea who you’re dealing with’…heh heh. Had joked with some friends not too long ago that you’ll never hear the words ‘that’s too rich’ being uttered from my mouth. And oh yeah on those flavors. I haven’t yet tried the new cookie dough…but the Birthday Cake, unless it’s a new variant, isn’t such a new flavor. It’s been out a while now, and quickly became a fav of mine & the mrs. because it was always out around both of our July birthdays. Now, for some reason, it’s become scarce in Little Rock. Oh well…gives us more reason to try other flavors.🙂 (mmmm….”Happy Tracks”)

Would love to see the addition of Blue Bell Light Homemade Vanilla! It’s fabulous!! Still looking to find my healthier treat at Minue Maid Park : )

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