Astros lineup 8/6 vs. Brewers. First pitch 6:05 p.m. CT


….and Michels needs this start as a showcase for playoff contenders, maybe? or because we want to keep his solid spot-start numbers up?
good thing we’re really getting after this player development stuff – i’m sure shuck will pick up a lot watching j-mike in his spot.

I agree. Shuck showed heart and hustle the other night with his play on the field and shouldn’t be here to watch, but to play like Paredes, Altuve, Martinez. Don’t let him wither like they did to Wallace with marginal playing time.

I like Brad Mills from day one, figured hw was a good baseball guy, but now he just seems to be to quiet. I liked him getting tossed the first few weeks -it showed heart, he showed gumption. Now its as if he doesn’t care and honestly figures on being a lame duck manager. I doubt Crane and crew want to pay salaries to people that have been let go…but don’t give them more of a reason to clean house by sitting back or by allowing young guys to not get the playibg time they need. You learn by actually doing the task at hand. Sure you can watch tape all day long, but unless you actually get in there, our allow them to get in there….

the successful players are the ones who have seen everything that the best players in the game have to offer and learn how to adjust. They can’t adjust to the best change ups and sliders in the game if they never got the chance to see them. And you can’t see them on the bench.

Shuck needs to learn that to be in the starting lineup, you shouldn’t run hard to first on obvious outs and don’t hustle after foul balls in a meaningless game. It’s also not nice to get a hit in your first ML at bat when the vets aren’t doing well at the plate. Oh yeah, stealing that base was just showing off, too.

For the life of me I cannot see why start Michaels rather than the youngsters! The Mills lineups often make no sense whatsoever to me. I WISH it were to trade Michaels but I don’t think he has any market.

Why is Jason Michaels starting??

Why is carlos starting?
I’ve gone to 5 games this year…total hits so far……0000000

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