Astros lineup 8/7 vs. Brewers. First pitch 1:05 p.m. CT


Lol I figured we found our #3 hitter yesterday.

Corporan. I know we’re holding tryouts during the season, but that guy is awful. He did have an anomalously high batting average (.290) in the PCL last year, but he’s been bad everywhere else. Does the PCL play tee-ball?

no of course not..JD is going to have to hit a home run in every game from now untill the seasons over for mills to even consider him a fixture in the 3 spot.

I think this would be a great time to implement tony la russa’s experiment of batting the pitcher 8th.

this musical number 3 hitter game is getting ridiculous!

I’m pretty sure Martinez has been successful in the 3 hole. I don’t understand mills’ thought process half the time.

I’m not sure mills understands his own thought process half the time

Put him behind Lee as protection to try and improve the pitches he sees

Its time for Mills to go. His line up choices all year have been ridiculous.

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