Lancaster JetHawks concessions: Delectable and *uuuuurp* delicious

One thing I did not expect on my recent Minor League tour was how good the food was going to be along the way.

The fare at the Lexington Legends’ ballpark was pretty typical of a baseball stadium — hot dogs, burgers, popcorn, etc. — but the Lancaster experience was something totally unexpected, and totally delicious.

The JetHawks go above and beyond the norm with their concessions. They offer the basics, sure, but the menu extends far beyond these baseball staples.

For the health-conscious, they offer two kinds of wraps — grilled chicken and chicken caesar. For those not quite as worried about their waistlines, the possibilities are limitless. I also heard about two must-haves while I was there. First up: the tri-tip sandwich, which, at this particular venue, can be best described as cubes of beef tenderloin on a bun. Yum.

I thought it best to space out my indulgences over the two-day visit, so I saved the other recommended dish for the second day I was in Lancaster. Introducing Sweet Po-tater Tots with a side of honey mustard. While I can’t stand normal sweet potatoes — just the smell of them makes my stomach turn — for some reason, I love sweet potato fries.

For that reason, I was very much looking forward to tasting the JetHawks’ version, and I wasn’t disappointed. They’re delicious, and the perfect finger food to enjoy at a ballgame.

There was plenty more offered that I did not try, including three types of nachos (loaded, pulled chicken, pulled pork) and the Stealth Burger — a hamburger topped with pulled pork, onion rings and barbecue sauce.

Off site, I enjoyed a huge breakfast at Crazy Otto’s Diner, recommend by Assistant General Manager Dave Gottfried. Otto’s appears to be a popular staple in the quiet town of Lancaster. During breakfast hours, a steady stream of patrons filter in for omeletes that appear to come in two sizes. Technically, those sizes are full and half, but what we are really talking about here is extra-large, and not-quite-as-gargantuan. For example, here’s my “half” size omelete with cheese, onions, bell peppers and mushrooms:

Throw in a bottomless cup of coffee, wireless connections and fantastic service, and you’ve pretty much got a perfect morning scenario in this hot, windy and somewhat sleepy town of Lancaster.


The JetHawks’ ballpark was a lot newer and more sparkly than I expected. It truly is one of the premiere Minor League facilities, as you might be able to tell from the pictures below…

Kids are a big part of the Minor League Baseball experience and can often be found on the field during pregame ceremonies.

As a nod to Lancaster's aerospace legacy, the stadium has a NASA F/A-18 Hornet at the main entrance.

A night view of Clear Channel Stadium, affectionately knowns as "The Hangar."

To celebrate Lancaster's aerospace history, the JetHawks put on an elaborate pregame ceremony honoring Fred Haise, who flew as the lunar module pilot on Apollo 13. They also gave out Fred Haise bobbleheads, which he signed near the team shop.

You know what they say...when in Rome, buy their hats and accost their mascots!

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Just a note to say hello. Been a long summer for the Astros, but can only see one way and that is up.
Do not understand some of the moves but I am only a fan not the management.
Hope to see you next spring. Take care.


Hi Allyson. I appreciate the article about our club and facility. I am glad you enjoyed your time in Lancaster. I am sorry I did not get a chance to talk to you more than I did, but nevertheless, I am glad you made the trip to the stadium. keep up the great work!

Derek Sharp
Interim General manager
Lancaster JetHawks

Thanks! I’ll writing about your players, too…soon!🙂

quiet town, take it you didnt hear the gunshots. (I used to live between crazy ottos and the stadium)

Just a note to say hello, Been keeping up with the Astros, but been a long summer,
Do not understand some of there moves but guess they know what they are doing.
Hope to see you next Spring.

Great to hear from you OC! Hope you are doing well. We miss you. See you in the spring.

Hi Alyson,

I just wanted to drop a quick note and say thank you for giving the JetHawks some well deserved recognition. I used to work for the JetHawks and have visited a few minor league ballparks since. I know I’m slightly biased, but the JetHawks do really hit it out of the park. Thanks again!!

I had the privilege of singing the anthem for the Jethawks on August 13th. It was an honor to sing in front of Fred Haise and the original Enterprise flight crew. The timing of the F-18 double flyover (before and after flown by a NASA pilot) was perfect!
I remember being glued to the television back during the Apollo 13 mission, and I remember seeing the original reports of the flight of the Enterprise. Thank you Fred Haise and the gentlemen who crewed the Enterprise flight, and thanks to the Jethawks for a very exciting event.

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