Over 22 years, the “Black Ties and Baseball Caps” gala has raised millions for abused women and children.

Since the Astros began hosting the Black Ties and Baseball Caps Gala 22 years ago, they have raised over $4 million for the Houston Area Women’s Center, which provides a safe haven for abused women and children.

The annual black-tie soiree, titled “A Night of New Beginnings,” took place on Thursday on the field at Minute Maid Park, and nearly every member of the team and coaching staff was in attendance. A live auction featured some whopping prizes, including a two-night stay at the famed Four Diamond Golden Nugget in Las Vegas, a nine-guest dinner, prepared by celebrity chef Bryan Caswell on the roof deck of Union Station with Mark and Mary Catherine Melancon, a VIP trip for four to Aspen and a fishing and horseback riding trip to Panama, hosted by Carlos and Mary Lee at their ranch.

The silent auction offered dozens of items — autographed jerseys, game-used bats and photos, wine dinners, jewelry…you name it, it was up for bid at the Wives Gala.

The night also featured a special appearance by legendary comedian Rich Little, a personal friend of gala coordinator Judy Nichols.

The gala was co-chaired by Summer Barmes and Mary Catherine Melancon with assistance from auction chairperson Michelle Quintero. Milo Hamilton served as the Master of Ceremonies, with Stephen Lewis (the guy who looks like Rick Perry) stepping in as the auctioneer.

Jordan Lyles, Brian Bogusevic, J.B. Shuck

Matt and Leah Downs

Myla and Fernando Rodriguez

J.D. Martinez, Jimmy Paredes, Jose Altuve, Aneury Rodriguez

Jeff and Kerry Fulchino

Deborah Duncan and John Granato helping out with the silent auction

Pamela and Jason Michaels

Mary and Carlos Lee

Rich Little

Summer Barmes, Mary Catherine Melancon

Gari and Bobby Meacham gave the invocation

Brad and Ronda Mills

Aubree Gerardi, Bud Norris

Humberto and Michelle Quintero

Jamie Quirk, Mike Barnett

Wandy and Luz Rodriguez

The chairpersons and Milo Hamilton

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of course Bud Norris would come to the gala looking like a rockstar. But god this is the first year almost non of the guys looked good in their suits.

LOVE your pictures!!! I didn’t know Wandy was going to be a father soon!
Tell him congrats! The “new kids on the block” sure looked nice!! I’m soooo
impressed with ALL of them. Thanks Alyson for a peek into the lives of our
guys! Becky:)🙂🙂🙂

Is it just me but I think Matt Downs looks like a cross between a young Kevin Bacon and that kid from the Lost In Space tv show. Heh heh

At first I thought someone was bending down or kneeling in one of the pics and then I realized it was Altuve.🙂. And not sure about the fit on that jacket. 🙂

Thanks Alyson for the pics and all your minor league reports, they were great!

Very nice pictorial, thanks.

Now I know why JMike is still here. Everyone gets to look at his beautiful wife.

Well, they clean up pretty good. For those young guys with no date. I have a 23 year old daughter graduating from A&M available.

Creeper parents are not cool.

I know it’s not polite to ask, but I’ve got a shield of internet anonymity… Are Luz Rodriguez and Mary Catherin Melancon pregnant?

If not, I apologize. If so, congrats to them, and it’s lucky that their husbands won’t be playing in October and can help with the baby.

Also, any word on Milo retiring after this year? I know that tons of people in the organization are in love with him and think he’s the best thing before sliced bread (yeah, it’s an old joke), but I think he’s probably the worst part of the Astros organization… even worse than Ed Wade or Brad Mills or this stupid policy of not letting lefty hitters face LHPs.

Anyway, when I see Astros highlights on MLB.com, I’m embarrased not only by Milo’s ridiculous play calling and “radio-embelishments” (btw, the highlights will play radio calls over the video, and we can see how wrong Milo is about stuff), but he’s such a sellout. He’d rather talk about Matress Mac and Gallery Furniture than call the freaking game.

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