Astros lineup 8/19 vs. Giants. First pitch 7:05 p.m. CT


Altuve is sitting why? You go Mills! After an off day, give the young man another off day so his average will be hurt and you can send him down ala Brett Wallace. Jeez!

Sorry. Hit the send button before complete. Kudos for giving Bogusevic another start. Didn’t think you had it in you. You surprise!

Um, what does sitting out a game have to do with the batting average?

Thank you, Alyson, for disclosing that the young guys won’t play every day due to the number of games they have already played this year. Not sure that I understand the issue with position players, especially young guys, as they routinely (?) play winter ball, so the extra major league games would not seem to matter to 21, 22 or 23 year olds. But then I’m not part of management and owners investing in these guys for more than just “showing” this season.

We have a strange system. Move everyone around the line up card and make sure nobody gets to start everyday except Carlos Lee. Maybe the strategy will be a new book like the Beane ball era.

Pepper…definitely valid points and they do not need to monitor position players as closely as pitchers. Jordan Lyles won’t pitch more than 175 innings this year, combined with his AAA innings pitched. For the young position players they’ve brought up, they will make sure that these guys pace themselves, as they’re about to play more games than ever before. Altuve played 64 games in ’07, 40 in ’08, 66 in ’09 and 125 last year. He’s played 114 games so far this year. I know Major Leaguers make this game look easy, but there is a huge difference between nine innings of a Minor League game and nine innings of a Major League game. Same thing goes for Winter Ball.

I am in no way suggesting that they’re going to be shut down at any point of the season but you will see them get a day off here and there, more often than the veteran players. Minor League seasons are over early Sept. and the big league season goes a full month longer. That’s a lot of baseball, innings, travel, etc. During my recent Minor League tour, I asked the players what the biggest adjustment to pro ball is. They ALL said — getting used to the schedule and how many more games they’re playing now than when they were rookies. Gotta watch out for fatigue. They’re still developing physically. Hope that makes sense!


I think your comments are correct. There are only two moves left that would help this team. Sit or release Carlos Lee and J. Mike.

What is the huge difference between a 9 inning game in the Major League and Minor leagues? Are you talking mentally? Besides dealing with the media in the majors I would think the Minor leagues would be tougher on the player due to the travel and accommodations.

The game is a lot faster up here, the intensity level is higher, it’s more mentally draining. Again, I am in no way suggesting the position guys are going to be sat for long stretches. Just a breather. The major league season is a full month longer. These players will be playing more than they ever have. They just have to make sure they pace themselves. And, the bench guys need to play from time to time if they are to be expected to contribute. But yes, the travel, while tiring, is a lot better in the big leagues, no doubt!

I’m sick of seeing Lee in the lineup. Let’s move on! I would have released, traded, or given away this guy years ago. Astros fans want to see hustle (Biggio like) on the field. Have you ever seen Carlos really bust it trying to get to first on a close play???Astros fans want to see talent like Altuve, Bourgeois, Downs, Martinez, and any other fresh bat or glove that has a glimmer of talent, heart, and hustle!!!

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