Astros lineup 8/20 vs. Giants. First pitch 6:05 p.m. CT


Stick with the *HOT* bat and Michaels sure ain’t that. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Becky:(😦😦

and why is lyles about to ruin our streak we’re on?

J. Mike in the strating line upn tells me the manager is not interested in winning this game.

Winning the game? How about a manager interested in giving starter innings to developing young talent? When will Mills get the question, “Why are you giving J-Mike playing time at this point?” It’s a question that’s been begging to be asked for a month now.


Why in forty kinds of Hades is Michaels in the starting lineup? He should be released when the new CF comes off DL and until then used if we run out of other pinch hitters. This is the time to play the younger guys, not play 35 year old bench players. This makes me totally nuts!!!!!!!!!!!

fl billlllly

I’m watching the Astros despite their record to watch the young guys! And Michaels should go back in the lineup and let Lee pinch hit occasionally. And Michaels and Bogusevic need to hit against lefties as well as righties. We need to find out about these guys vs major league pitching. We know about Michaels and Lee. There time as Astros has come and gone. Play the youngsters.

I meant to let Wallace and Bogu go back in the lineup and leave them in vs lefties as well as righties. I understand Lee is making humongous bucks but I can’t see playing him regularly at this point anyway.

I’m sick of seeing Lee in the lineup. Let’s move on! I would have released, traded, or given away this guy years ago. Astros fans want to see hustle (Biggio like) on the field. Have you ever seen Carlos really bust it trying to get to first on a close play???Astros fans want to see talent like Altuve, Bourgeois, Downs, Martinez, Bogusevic, and any other fresh bat or glove that has a glimmer of talent, heart, and hustle!!!
Let the young guys play….send the old horses out to pasture!!!

Michaels included!…..

Becky, you beat me to it!!! The only way Bogusevic is going to improve his power-consistency is by getting AB’s!!! Likewise his angles in the outfield. How’s Wallace doing down in the Minors? Forget it; I don’t care! Bring him up and put him at 1st! Who else we got that can play 1st?

Like the Los Unis.

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