Astros lineup 8/21 vs. Giants. First pitch 1:05 p.m. CT


What is Michaels starting for?

Ok, I am sure there is a reason why Lee and Michaels are starting back to back games … afternoon following night… I am sure that we need to see them play more because we already know what Bogusevic and Shuck and all the other new guys can do … I’m sure this make sense to someone … not me!!

I’m wasting my breath asking why Micheals is in the lineup today. Grrrrrrrrrrr Becky:(

Silly Mills, you don’t spell Bogusevic: M-I-C-H-A-E-L-S.

Mr Auto-Out! followed by Mr Auto-Out II (Corporan). How is Sosa supposed to be able to compete when the bottom 1/3 of the lineup is 0-fer the game?

So sick of Mills over managing …. Just stick to the hot player why is that so hard

Seriously!! Would someone, anyone in the Houston media please ask Mills to explain why Michaels is getting starts over Shuck and Bogusevic?!! Let the young guys play and develop and that includes starting against left handed pitching. They can’t do any worse than Michaels and his .219 average against lefties this season.

I’m getting tired of seeing jason Michaels start.

So do they think a cool font will make Corparan hit better?

Also, I’m surprised that Sosa even gets to start vs. a LHP. I thought Mills would never allow a lefty-hitter to face a letfy-pitcher! Does this mean he gets pulled after 3 when he comes up in the lineup?

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