Weekend roundup: Altuve, Social Media Night, and a farewell to a special Twintern.

Jessica Mathews, Kelly Chilcote, Paige Tracy and Heather Lord keeping up with the times at Social Media Night.

About an hour before Jose Altuve hit the ball to the left-center gap, scurried around the bases and ran through Dave Clark’s stop sign at third, he was spotted in the Budweiser Patio behind center field, yukking it up with 108 loud and proud Social Media Night attendees.

Altuve was the special guest on Saturday at our fifth installment of Social Media Night, a sold-out event that featured fajitas for dinner, signed baseballs for prizes and an appearance by the rookie second baseman, whose hustle and clutch hits (and, let’s be honest, diminutive size) is quickly making him a fan favorite in Houston.

Altuve handed out 15 prizes during Twitter Trivia — 12 signed baseballs, plus a signed rally towel, a signed replica BP jersey and a signed Brownie and JD bobblehead.

We also raffled off a visit to the TV booth. The lucky winner was Becky Lee, who brought her equally as lucky friend, Melanie Scales, with her. They met Brownie and J.D. and Jeff Bagwell, who acts as the third man in the booth for Saturday home games.

The next (and final) Social Media Night is scheduled for Sept. 24, the last Saturday home game of 2011. We’ll announce the guest soon.

Meanwhile, enjoy the pictures…


Saturday’s event also marked the final day at the office for my fabulous Twintern Rachel Frey, who headed back to Austin to finish up her last year at the University of Texas. A lot of you followed her blogs and tweets throughout her time here, and it goes without saying that she did an excellent job, was a huge help and will be greatly missed.

(She’s also really, really organized, which, let’s just say, was a nice change of pace for yours truly.)

Rachel compiled quite a body of work during her four months here and hopefully built up a nice portfolio to take with her as she continues to follow her career path. I can only pray that she never forgets what was perhaps her finest hour: her two days as a hot sauce packet during the Taco Bell Saucy Sprint race. Her behind-the-scenes video of the experience got the second-most clicks of any video we’ve posted all season, behind only footage of the day Hunter Pence was traded.

Here is Rachel’s final blog as an Astros intern…you can find her blog at http://rachelfrey.mlblogs.com/ and you can tweet her, too.

Good luck and thanks, Rachel!


This summer has been amazing.  There is no other way to describe it. The Astros definitely took a gamble when offering an internship in Social Media and Broadcasting. There have been broadcasting interns in the past, but they have never had a social media one. I mean they let me tweet and blog about the team– usually without proofing prior to posting it. They’re crazy to let a college kid do that, right?

Well, I appreciate them taking a risk on me. I’ve learned so much during my time here — how to respond to questions on Twitter, how to find unique things to write about, and even how to navigate my way around the ballpark while wearing heels, and carrying 75 t-shirts for social media night.

I have to thank all of the people who have guided me through this summer. Alyson is a no brainer — she has supported my writing, and taught me all kinds of wonderful things. I would have never made it through this summer without the encouragement I’ve received from her.

Mike Cannon, Director of Broadcast Operations, is my other boss. While he isn’t involved in most of the visible social media interaction I have had with you, he has spent so much time educating me about radio and television broadcasting. I’ve been able to learn every step of the process- from how he records many of the advertisements you hear during radio broadcasts, to how Fox Sports transmits the images to the satellite.

Chanda “Momma” Lawdermilk is our internship coordinator, and she definitely spends many hours finding, corralling, and helping interns. I’m so appreciative of her hard work.

There is a multitude of other people I should be thanking — the people of the Astros front office are extremely welcoming and have helped shape the direction I want to take my career, but this letter could easily triple in size if I thanked each person individually. For all Astros employees who read this, please know I appreciate the time I was able to spend with you.

As I leave this morning to head back to Austin to start the school year, I want to say one final thank you to the fans. You all have helped make this summer as incredible as it has been.

Today, I’ll slip back into the real world, where no doubt I’ll spend many hours procrastinating on studying for tests while watching Astros games. I have one year left before I graduate, and I hope you’ll follow me on the rest of my journey through my blog and twitter.

Thank you,

Rachel Frey

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Great job Rachel and Alyson. I am sure your guidance will follow Rachel through her career and she couldn’t have had a better role model to learn from. Hopefully in a few years you both can write about the Astros trek through the playoffs.

my first social media was awsome and i was fan of the game with greg lucas interviewing me…got to send shout outs to friends who weren;t there with us and sat with four great friends who love the astros deanna wiliamson, lindsey campuzano, valeria ortiz and victoria ortiz who came all the way from corpus christi…..can’t wait till the next one…..

go astros

First thought I had when I saw that picture at the top was “One of these is not like the others”.

I see most of these pics were taken in a way to “enhance” Altuve’s height.😉

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