The food at Coors Field is delicious, and that’s no bull.

J.D. Martinez will be our guest at our sixth and final Social Media Night, which will take place Saturday, Sept. 24 in the Budweiser Patio. Martinez will be the last of a long line of players who have joined us for the Twitter Trivia portion of the evening. Our April guest was Hunter Pence, followed by Chris Johnson (May), Brett Wallace (June), Matt Downs (July) and Jose Altuve (August).

The program is the same — for the price of $45, you’ll receive a tour of Minute Maid Park, batting practice viewing (from the seats directly behind the Astros dugout on the first base side), a t-shirt, ticket to the game in the Budweiser Patio, dinner, dessert and a chance to win autographed prizes and meet Martinez during Twitter Trivia.

The player appearance is usually from 5-5:15, but to accommodate Martinez’s pregame preparation routine, we’ll begin the Twitter Trivia at 4:55 and conclude sharply at 5:10.

We also will raffle off (for free) a one-inning visit to the television booth to watch Brownie and J.D. work their magic. Jeff Bagwell also works every Saturday home game so…

You can purchase tickets here. Hope to see you then!


Our culinary tour through Denver and, later this week, San Francisco, continued on Tuesday when I hit the concourse and loaded up on three more recommended Coors Field specialty items: the Rockie Dog (a foot-long Italian Sausage topped with grilled peppers, sauerkraut and onions), the Helton Burger from the Helton Burger Shack and a salad from the Right Field Greens “Build your own Salad” station.

As carefully as I could, without bumping into anyone, I brought the load o’ goodies back to the press box, where my self-appointed taste-testers were willing to lend their appetites, all in the name of a blogging. I didn’t share the salad — I figured it might be my only shot to eat something healthy during this roadie — but I split the dog and burger equally and encouraged the posse to dig in.

I made the administrative decision to leave the sauerkraut off the hot dog. The group didn’t seem to notice or miss it. Radio announcer Brett Dolan dubbed the dog “scrumptious,” while media relations director Gene Dias gave two thumbs up to the toppings. “I really like the peppers, he said. “It gave it a nice touch. There was a healthy portion of toppings, too.”

J.D. said the sausage had “a nice kick to it. Good spices, but not overpowering.” He liked the spongy bun and, like Dias, noted the heaping portion of veggie toppings (I didn’t have the heart to tell him most of it came from Dolan scraping off the peppers off his portion).

“The onions could be a little more cooked,” J.D. noted.

Next up: the Helton Burger. This was a thick burger with a special sauce, grilled onions and pickles. In other words, it was a fancier (and much more expensive) version of the Big Mac. And it was delicious. J.D. didn’t like the lack of sponginess of the bun — as we know by now, he likes his buns with a little more bounce — but he gave two thumbs up to the caramelized onions.

Helton Burger.

The salad, as I said, I kept to myself. I like the made-to-order concept, and it’s easy to facilitate at a ballpark. You get a choice of four types of lettuce, a choice of chicken, shrimp or tofu, tons of veggies and a handful of dressings. They mix it up in a bowl and toss into a plastic container, and you’re on your way. Very large portion, very healthy and very filling. Totally worth the money.

(Once word got around that we were sampling food during our visit to Denver, a few Rockies reporters and support staff offered suggestions, some of which I’ll look into on Wednesday. One I’ll be skipping, however: the Rocky Mountain Oysters. I don’t eat oysters anyway, but after I asked my posse if there were any oyster-eaters among us, I was informed what Rocky Mountain Oysters are actually made of. Let’s just say I won’t be tasting them. Heck, I don’t even want to talk about them. Just Google it and we’ll leave it at that.)


Astros notes:
* The Astros settled their rotation situation on Tuesday with the announcement that Henry Sosa will start Thursday’s game in San Francisco on three day’s rest, and J.A. Happ will be recalled in time to start on Friday, on full rest. A corresponding roster move will be made before the game and presumably, the move will involve a position player (if the Astros wish to go back to carrying 12 pitchers).

* First-round draft pick George Springer, who signed his contract last week, has joined the Astros’ Tri-City club, where he will continue to work out. He could possibly begin playing later this week. Because he had such a long layoff by not signing sooner, he’ll need a little extra time to get into game-ready shape.

And we conclude with a few images from two days in Denver:

Jose Altuve, Brad Mills take in batting practice

Warming up: Altuve, Angel Sanchez

Clint Barmes, Sanchez

Jimmy Paredes, Matt Downs

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I enjoy all you reviews. Hope to get to some of these places so I can try out your favorites.

I’ve been fasting for 3 days and these posts are making it hard!

Red Goddess… nice menu, but you really need to visit us here in South Louisiana, now we are talking great food!!!!!

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