Astros lineup 9/3 vs. Brewers. First pitch 6:05 p.m. CT


I’m a grumbling Astros’ fan living in Abilene, TX. I won’t get anymore weekend games until the 25th because DirectTV doesn’t carry the My20 games. Even though I live in what seems to be the heart of Ranger Country there are a few of us diehard Astros fans around. Maybe the Astros/Cubs game will be on WGN. Grumbling aside, thank you for all the tidbits you’ve shared throughout the year – especially pictures.

Ed Wade and Mills brought up how many players?????????????????????????
And you put Jason *WORTHLESS* Michaels in right?????

did u read, were going to see where it takes us..

They have so many young outfeilders to play and they go with the old untalented Jason Michaels who really has no bussiness being on a major league team or a triple or double a team. Commit to the youth movement and play a young outfeilder like Bogusevic or Shuck!

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