Clubhouse images the morning of Sept. 11 in Washington, D.C.

Players gather around the TV in the lunchroom to watch a replay of the coverage on Sept. 11, 2001.

All of the TVs in the clubhouse were tuned into MSNBC, which replays the TODAY Show telecast from Sept. 11, 2001 every year on the annivesary. The telecast plays n the background as Brad Mills meets with reporters.

Equipment manager Carl Schneider attaches adhesive American flags to each jersey, to be worn during the game on Sept. 11.

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I hate this day, I’m still so sad. I will *NEVER* for get how this day shaped our lives.
Thank you Alyso, for giving us a look into the lives of our Astros. God bless you, and our little baseball team today. God Bless our homeland, and ALL that serve for our freedom. Becky:)

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Do you happen to have any pictures in the vault of the pre-game flag ceremony from the first home game after 9/11, against the Cubs? I was in it, and I’ve never seen a picture since that night. Thanks!

Speaking of history and looking back into time….With their next lose this year’s Houston Astros team will be on the record books as the worst in the 50 year history. Only a few teams in MLB have avoided 100 loses in a year throughout their history and this year the Astros will fall into that category.

Colin…I don’t have any pictures of that Cubs game. Somewhere the Astros probably have it archived but I don’t have anything from my personal collection.

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