This year, the Astros’ Rookie Road Trip involved nearly half the team. The other half stood back and took pictures.

The Rookie Road Trip, traditionally, is for the players who qualify as, well, rookies. In the past, the Rookie Roadie was kind of like the Chicken Pox — you do it once and you’ll never have to go through it again.

Well, friends, times have changed. Now, the Rookie Roadie is for rookies who are in their first season, and also for players who still qualify as rookies but spent time in the big leagues the previous season and already did one Rookie Roadie. It’s also for anyone whom Carlos Lee decides needs to dress up in hilariously humiliating outfits and parade around in public. So for reasons inexplicable to me, you and the parties involved, also dressing up postgame on Friday in Chicago were pitcher Wilton Lopez (a rookie in 2010 and no longer a rookie this year) and Javier Bracamonte, who has been with the Astros since 2001 and isn’t a ballplayer. He’s the bullpen catcher.

Anyhoo, the Rookie Roadie is a time-honored tradition in baseball, comparable to the college freshman who has just joined a fraternity. The veteran players buy crazy outfits, take the rookies’ clothes out of their lockers and replace them with the getups. Nine times out of 10, the outfits are something you’d see on women of questionable backgrounds (either that or Hooter’s waitresses). Every now and again, a team might change things up and work farm animals into the mix, as the Astros did in 2010.

This year’s Astros rookies and Carlos Lee special selections were dressed in a wide array of outfits that you might see on Halloween — in Vegas.

Bumble bees, police, Princess Leia, Wonder Woman…with a PG-13-ish twist, so to speak.

Here’s the video.

And here are the pictures (with assistance from two of last year’s rookies, Bud Norris and Chris Johnson.):

A Bud Norris twitpic from inside the clubhouse shows Paredes, Altuve and Del Rosario getting ready for the big reveal.

Best part of the day might have been when Del Rosario stepped into the back room and asked equipment manager Carl Schneider for some socks.

Seems like just yesterday we were in Corpus Christi getting our first looks at young up-and-comers Martinez and Altuve. And here they are now, Cat Woman and saucy Ms. Jockey. So proud. *sniff*

Walking back from grabbing a bite to eat, I saw and heard a ruckus on Michigan Ave. near our hotel. I assumed it could be only one thing. Yup. (Photo compliments of Chris Johnson)

Princess Leia (known in our circles as Carlos Corporan) never looked so good. Must be the black socks and loafers.

Laughter and more laughter. It's been a long season but there were fun times along the way. This was one of them.

Several fans got an eyeful when the rookies showed up on the plaza outside of Wrigley.

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Wow that is hilarious. Wish i knew who all was wearing what. I can’t really make out all the faces from the pictures of all of them, especially the wrestler.

Wow! That is something to look forward to!!

This was to funny. Laughed so hard. Thanks for the fun times.

I think the wrestler must have been Javier the bullpen catcher. He was to big to be a player.

This is disturbing on so many levels…hahaha

Best day of the season so far, wouldn’t you say? ;D

Needs more captions.

The rookie road trip needs to be in Chicago every year!!! I have so much fun laughing at all of them!! Henry Sosa was so funny and wanted to take pictures with everyone!!

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