Rookie Road Trip, old school-style.

The photos we posted from the Astros Rookie Road Trip last night prompted a few requests to bring back the images from yesteryear, when Rookie Roadies were more of a private affair and the images captured were taken with a disposable camera from Walgreens.

Rookie Road Trips have been going on for decades, but until recently, teams were unable to share the experience with their fans, mainly because there was no such thing as Social Media and therefore there was nowhere to post the pictures.

Nowadays, we have blogs, Facebook and Twitter, which gives us an avenue to make photos of Jordan Lyles dressed as a ladybug available not only to his adoring Houston public, but also to second-graders in China, construction workers in Australia and middle school teachers in Kalamazoo, MI, if those folks have any sort of interest in your Astros (which I doubt they do).

But once upon a time, the Rookie Roadie was an inside job. I was, however, fortunate twice to be in the right place at the right time and as a result have in my possession two priceless images from past Rookie Roadies. Many of you have seen these before. For you newbies, enjoy the sights…

September, 2000: Morgan Ensberg, anything but svelte and lean in his Hooter's outfit, asked for a scrunchie soon after this image was taken on the team charter.

September, 2001: Ricky Stone, Tim Redding, Carlos Hernandez,Scott Linebrink, Adam Everett, with grand papa Roy Oswalt in front. I think that's Rodrigo Rosario in the back but I'm not positive.

Programming Note: Minute Maid Park will be hopping tonight as the Astros host the Lone Survivor Foundation’s Second Annual Gala entitled ‘Mission: Never Quit!’ in the Union Station Lobby beginning at 6:30 p.m.

Keynote speakers for the event are Texas Governor Rick Perry, U.S. Navy SEAL (Ret.) Marcus Luttrell and U.S. Army Ranger (Ret.) Captain Chad Fleming. Political commentator Glenn Beck is a special guest speaker for the event.

Tickets still remain for the Gala, which includes the speakers portion, a reception and dinner, as well as a live auction and a performance by award-winning country music star and Houston native, Jack Ingram. For more information please visit

This is the second straight year the Lone Survivor Foundation, a non-profit organization established by Navy SEAL (Ret.) Marcus Luttrell, has hosted its Gala in Houston at Minute Maid Park. The foundation was inspired by the events of Operation RED WINGS in 2005, during which Luttrell was awarded the Navy Cross. Luttrell chronicles his actions and describes Operation RED WINGS in the NY Times best-seller, Lone Survivor, the Eyewitness Account of Operation RED WINGS and SEAL Team 10.

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Oh gosh, they all look so… skinny!!! Well, except for Mo! Man, I miss Mo! AND Adam!

Thanks for sharing!🙂

Lisa, the funniest part about that is years later Morgan asked me for a copy of that picture so he could use it as a reminder to “never get that fat again.”

Nowhere to post the pictures before SM? What about just plain old websites?

I think the guy in the back was Wilfredo Rodriguez – the guy who gave up the 70th homer to Barry Bonds at Enron Field in the middle of swoon at the end of the season. Rodrigo Rosario came up in 2003 and pitched a wonderful game up in Arlington, got injured and was never heard from again. Since that picture was taken in 2001, I gotta believe that’s Wilfredo Rodriguez.

You’re absolutely right…and next year when I post the picture again I will need to be reminded, again!

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