Social Media Night, by the numbers. (And we had cake!)

Our sixth and final Social Media Night was double the fun, thanks to the presence of not one, but two Astros players — a first for our monthly soirees out in the Budweiser Patio.

J.D. Martinez and Bud Norris helped hand out a grand total of 15 prizes — six baseballs signed by Bud, six by J.D., plus three replica BP jerseys with two autographs on each from various Astros players — during our Twitter Trivia contest.

First, the photos:

Other highlights, by the numbers:

448: The distance, in feet, of the Brett Wallace home run. The ball landed right smack in the middle of our party and was determined to be the longest homer by an Astro this year and the fourth-longest by an Astro in ballpark history.

13: Number of innings played. It was the longest game in terms of innings for the Astros this year. Which brings us to…

250: Number of minutes this game lasted. That translates into four hours, 10 minutes, and yep, you guessed it, it was the Astros’ longest game of the year.

85: Enthusiastic and fun Social Media Night attendees (Tweeple)
Pints of Blue Bell Ice Cream
Orders of fajita nachos
Entries for the broadcast booth raffle

1: Winner of the broadcast booth raffle.

2: Tweeple who visited the broadcast booth, because much like Who Wants to be a Millionaire, for this exercise, you’re allowed to phone a friend.

Congrats to John Reyes and his new BFF Ed Bashinski for scoring the grand prize:

1: Cameo appearance by three broadcasters (Jim Deshaies, Bill Brown, Dave Raymond), one beat writer (Zachary Levine) and one television producer (Wave Robinson). Birthdays tend to bring people together in immeasurable ways. Especially when there’s cake involved.

Which brings us to the final number…

3: Astros players caught wearing birthday hats. Thanks to all for making it an unforgettable night. And thanks to our Social Media Night posse…hope to see you back next year!

Wilton Lopez (photo courtesy of Astros Tweep @Jaylen1182)

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BFF is absolutely right! But you did forget one important number in all of this. It starts with a four, ends with a zero.

Looks like great fun. First class guests!

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