On Star Wars night, the Astros scoreboard crew gets a win (as do the Astros).

It’s always fun to see what new and innovative sketches the ballpark entertainment staff comes up with from season to season, and on Monday, we were treated to some creative manipulation of players’ mug shots in honor of Star Wars Night at Minute Maid Park.

They were all creative, but Angel Sanchez takes the cake, in my opinion. What say you?

Chris Johnson

Jason Bourgeois

J.B. Shuck

Angel Sanchez

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I’d love to see Biggio or Bagwell as Yoda.

I loved CJ & Angel, but can’t miss Downs as C3-PO & Wandy as Lando Calrissian, complete with thick stache!šŸ˜€

You said it – Downs and Wandy had me giggling and replaying that line up! Star Wars and baseball DO MIX!

FUNNNNNNY!!! GOOD WIN TONIGHT!!! Becky:)šŸ™‚šŸ™‚šŸ™‚šŸ™‚

I’m thinking the Sanchez picture was originally intended to be Altuve!

Haha!!! I think it’s great that Bourgeois is Samuel L. Jacson. Little bit o type casting on the Astros part?? Lol

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