The last day of the season, in pictures.

The Astros wrapped up their season Wednesday night and immediately began the process of packing up their lockers in anticipation of heading home for the winter.

The last day of the season is a lot like the last day of school. Lots of hugs, goodbyes, thank yous, and see-you-next-years. More than one person joked that conversations at the end of the season sound a lot like what we used to write in yearbooks — “Thanks for everything!” “See you next year!” “Have a great (winter)!”

Brad Mills and the coaches made their way around the locker room to say their goodbyes and thank the players for their effort, and teammates exchanged handshakes and hugs as they prepared to go their separate ways for the next four-plus months.

When a team is in the playoffs, most of the packing of lockers happens the day after the official end of the season, which occurs with either a playoff series loss or a World Series win. When a team isn’t a contender, there’s lot of time to prepare for the final game of the season, because that date is already set in stone and everyone knows it’s coming.

Therefore, most of the Astros cleared out of the clubhouse for good after Wednesday’s game, rather than come back the next day for the traditional “bag day,” as they call it in baseball.

Images from the final game of the season can be found below. And to our fans, a sincere thank you for your interest and continued support of our baseball team. Thanks for the interaction and comments, even when times got tough. See you in 2012!

Craig Biggio stopped by to watch the last batting practice of 2011.

Our old friend Jim Deshaies dressed for the occasion, commemorating the "last day of school" by wearing his favorite vacation gear.

Postgame interviews were abundant after the final game of the season. Clint Barmes, soon to be a free agent, discussed his possible future with the team.

Brett Myers also addressed reporters after his disappointing loss to the Cardinals to cap the season.

Jason Bourgeois' impressive bobblehead collection was on display during his give-and-take with reporters.

All TVs were tuned into the other games going on, namely, the Rays-Yankees and Red Sox-Orioles. Here we see Astros players eating dinner and watching the game.

Brad Mills gives his final postgame press conference of 2011.

Jordan Lyles, J.B. Shuck and Brett Wallace chat after the game, while packing up for the winter.

Jimmy Paredes gets organized as he prepares to head out.

The intrepid clubhouse staff does the last loads of laundry of 2011.

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Bitter sweet. Hoping for a “better” 2012.

Gee Alyson…….this made me cry:(😦 I wanted these guys to succeed SOOOO much
and now that the season is over, I’m sad. Thanks for ALL the memories you have
given us this year! Will you be posting over the Winter? Have a good time with YOUR family!! Thanks again, Becky:)🙂🙂🙂🙂

Thank you Alyson, you hit a Grand Slam this season, hope to see ya next year! My Highlight was seeing you in San Francisco… what a wonderful experience! Have a great off season, Astro’s have taken “Moneyball” too far!

well i can honestly say now i dont think a casual astros watcher could name three people on the team. hope the new “great owner” sees this

Nice story, Alyson. Hope that the Astros stay hungry like they were end of the season. The effort was there and this fan appreciated it.

Thanks for all of your great work this season, Alyson!

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