Buying T-shirts and touring Astros clubhouse: no longer mutually exclusive.

Round one of the two-day Clubhouse Extravaganza on Friday turned the Astros’ locker room area into something resembling your favorite department store at Christmas time. It was just your garden variety end-of-season bargain bonanza where, delightfully, everything must go.

The Team Store in Union Station is lovely and inviting, don’t get me wrong. But what’s more fun than buying drastically marked-down items while peering into Bud Norris’ locker?

The Clubhouse Extravaganza, which features licensed Major League Baseball clothing items and game-used memorabilia, including jerseys, bats and baseballs,  will continue on Saturday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

In addition to shopping in and touring the clubhouse, fans will have the opportunity to take photos with Junction Jack and sit in the Astros dugout. Dollar hot dogs and soda will also be available.

Admission to the event is $10.00, which will be applied to the purchase of merchandise. Free parking will be available in the Diamond Club lot.

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Geez where did you guys put all those people/ What a joke1

Glad you had a good experience. It gives the fans a behind the scenes view of the clubhouse while scoring some bargains. A win-win!

A good experience, are you sane? There was 8 people in the club house that didn’t appear to be employees. Count them —8. The prices were outrageous! I can kick myself for wasting $10.00 for the pleasure of getting in there. Crane through me a bone and it cost me $10.00. What a bargain! Crane should ghave fired everyone in the past regime including Pam. This kind of marketing stinks to high heaven.

PO’d loyal fan base + regional market dominated by Rangers + Crooked, indifferent, Disloyal management + poor payroll + AL West gametimes + PPV cable tv in same market as free tv for Rangers + fickle fans that will not pay until the team wins + poor payroll + exclusion from luxury tax revenues + KC Royals death-spiral-into-mediocrity-due-to-infinitely-poor-payroll factor + inevitable bad karma for Crane + highly leveraged debt structure + severely overpaying for franchise in the first place = certain doom for California Atros of Houston.

This franchise doesn’t have a prayer.

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