Jim Crane: “We will not change the name Astros.”

The idea of changing the Astros name was brought up last week, and that same idea put to rest on Monday.

A name change, owner Jim Crane said in a taped video message to season ticket holders, is not happening.

“You asked for change and we added several fan friendly initiatives last week and we hope you like them,” Crane said. “We will continue to listen, and to look for additional ways to improve on and off the field.

“One thing that we are not going to change is the name. We received strong feedback and consensus among season ticket holders and many fans, and we will not change the name Astros. The Houston Astros are here to stay.”

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Thank God! Change the engine on that old truck first before you get a new paint job.

Dont change the name! Change the colors. The franchise is known for having a new color scheme every so often.

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Praise the Lord, the new front office continues to make good decisions.

So much for the Houston Honeybadgers. Darn.

Big deal. Crane already messed up by moving the Astros to the DH “this is not real baseball” American League, so who cares, especially in 2014? Like Berkman said, the Brewers (oh wait, Selig’s team!) are an AL team and should return to the American League. Like Berkman said, I can no longer be an Astros fan when they switch leagues. I hate AL baseball, I don’t watch it (except the playoffs), and am no longer interested in the Astros. Go Mets!!

Yes! I was not ready to root for the Houston Energy, or whatever other lame name Crane wanted to come up with. Its already bad enough that Houston is forsaking 50 years of tradition to move into the AL next year.

Did Crane get approval from Selig? Selig controls what Houston offers their draft picks, he considers forcing the team, in the aftermath of a hurricane, to fly overnight to play a “home game” in Milwaukee against the Cubs “the fairest possible solution” to a scheduling problem and evokes baseball’s “reverence for its history” as he announces the forced relocation of the franchise to the AL, so it is only reasonable to assume that the nickname of the Houston franchise will be Selig’s decision.

I see no evidence that Crane is anything other than Selig’s lap dog.

Years ago I paid for one of those commemorative bricks that are placed around the Ballpark at Union Station. The brick was bought in memory of my late grandfather who was a great Astros’ fan. The forced relocation of the franchise to that ridiculous fast-pitch softball league is an insult to him and my family’s history. I want my brick back. How do I get it?

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Crane is a Bud Sell Out. Why all these people are so happy about the upcoming season. 106+ losses to come, but we are smiling! Thank you sir may I have another!

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