Inside the weight room: hitting the gym with Castro and Bourgeois.

For select members of the Astros’ front office staff, these early days of Spring Training, as casual and carefree as they may seem from afar, are among the busiest of the calendar year.

The ballpark entertainment staff, for example, is spending its time in Florida preparing just about everything it will need to keep you engaged in between innings when you’re taking in an Astros game at Minute Maid Park. This requires a very early arrival to the ballpark in the morning and some long hours as the day progresses.

The skits and bits that play on the giant scoreboard at Minute Maid Park (El Grande), are almost all filmed during Spring Training. The entertainment crew — Kirby Kander, Joey Graham and David Congdon — are here for an abbreviated amount of time but somehow find a way to cram almost everything they need for the season into a tidy 10-day jaunt to Spring Training.

One feature they’ll run this year is called “Fit to Win,” which will give a behind-the-scenes view of a player’s workout routine, and his explanation about what he’s doing, how he’s doing it, and what the benefits are. Several players have been asked to be a part of this feature, including starting pitcher Bud Norris, catcher Jason Castro and outfielder Jason Bourgeois, among others.

Since this was a behind-the-scenes project, and we consider this blog as an all-access behind-the-scenes pass to all things Astros, we thought it would be fun to tag along and shoot video of our scoreboard staff shooting video of our players.

While taking in the workout routines of Castro and Bourgeois, I learned a few things: these dudes are strong. And ridiculously fit. And some of the stuff Castro was doing was making my hammys hurt, just watching him. Same goes for Bourgeois and his ab work.

The more I watch Castro work, the more confident I am that he will not only be able to adequately move past last year’s injury issues, but that he’ll also be able to maintain his stamina so that he can catch a significant amount of games this year.

With that, we move to today’s gallery: working out with Castro and Bourgeois:

Castro: Medicine ball side tosses.

Castro is pulling 500 lbs -- yes, 500 -- while doing this sled drag.

I'm sure working out with two video cameras and three Astros staff members watching your every move is not the most comfortable way to work out, but Bourgeois was a trooper while graciously granting the access.

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We are so proud of one of our former student athletes Jason Bourgeois from Forest Brook High School continuing to work hard and contribute for the Houston Astros just like Lawrence Vickers contributes for the Houston Texans.

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