Ultimately, roster trimming is good for many players who are “sent out.”

The Astros’ Spring Training roster has been trimmed by 14 players in the last week, from 63 to 49. General manager Jeff Luhnow and manager Brad Mills still have some whittling down to do, considering that between now and Opening Day a little more than three weeks from now, 24 more players are going to have to be removed from Major League roster consideration.

It’s likely that the team will break the Florida version of Spring Training camp with around 30 players. They’ll travel to Corpus Christi for an exhibition game and will have two more to play at home — against the White Sox — before the slate is wiped clean and the real games begin April 6. They’ll need some extra bodies to get them through those final three exhibitions, which justifies bringing along some extra helping hands before finalizing the 25-man Opening Day roster.

We casually refer to roster trimming as “cuts,” but that’s probably not the most accurate term to use. Most of the players who have been sent to Minor League camp so far are considered to be a part of the Astros’ future. Realistically and somewhat ironically, it wouldn’t be fair to their development to keep them in big league camp.

Starting pitchers are pitching more innings by now, and there are only so many games and innings to be dispersed among a group of 63. The Minor League players also have a season to get ready for, and they can’t do that if they’re sitting on the bench, waiting for an inning here and an inning there. Especially the starting pitchers — they need to get stretched out as well.

So that’s why Paul Clemens — he of the 0.00 ERA over five innings in two spring games — was sent to Minor League camp this week, along with several others, like Jonathan Singleton, Delino DeShields, Jonathan Villar and George Springer. Many big pieces of the puzzle will now prepare for their seasons in Minor League camp, where playing time and innings are plentiful.

But don’t forget these guys. You’ll see them again.


Even though the Major League clubhouse has cleared out a bit, innings are still an issue as the front office and coaching staff sort out who will comprise the starting rotation. There are still more than five viable candidates, which is why some have to pitch in Minor League games or simulated sessions in order to stay on schedule. Jordan Lyles, a fifth starter candidate, started the club’s Triple-A game against the Nationals’ Triple-A team at the same time the Astros were hosting the Blue Jays on Thursday.

Lyles’ line: five innings, two hits, no runs, one walk and seven strikeouts.

“I’m excited,” Lyles said. “It’s going to be fun from here on out.”


Programming note: Due to scheduling conflicts, Friday’s game will be broadcast on KTRH on tape delay. It will air at 8 p.m. CT that night.

By this time of the spring, I’ve watched morning workouts on the backfields of the Osceola County Stadium complex more than two dozen times, and quite frankly, the routine can become a tad mundane after a while.

Don’t get me wrong, no one day in baseball is like the next, but after 17 sessions of pitchers’ fielding practice and 48 rounds of batting practice, well, you’ll understand that from time to time, the eyelids get a little droopy.

But it’s nothing that a little flip-cam action can’t remedy. You never know what you’re going to capture if you just stand there and let the sights and sounds of Spring Training take over.

In today’s video corner, we joke around a little bit with Wandy Rodriguez and note some of Carlos Lee’s keen observations as he watches his teammates hit from behind the cage:

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I couldn’t make out all of it but I think he said it was his turn to pitch to Quintero.

Alyson, are you working on your Spanish??? 🙂

Can’t wait for opening day. I think this group of young players are going to surprise a lot of people

Thanks for the post and video. I was surprised to see Juan Abreu among the “cuts”

Love the video.. great to get a behind the scenes look. Looking forward to the season beginning.

I hope Wandy gets the nod for opening day…..he deserves it. Great stuff Alyson,
as usual!! Becky:)🙂🙂🙂

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