Root! Root! Root! Astros to launch 2012 campaign.

The Astros are ready to launch their 2012 marketing campaign, which focuses on a fresh enthusiasm shared by the new ownership group and encourages fans and the city of Houston to support the home team.

Titled Root! Root! Root! and based on the familiar, classic song “Take Me Out to the Ballgame,” the new campaign encompasses an excitement surrounding a brand new baseball season as well as the club’s celebration of the 50th anniversary of Major League Baseball in Houston.

The campaign will also launch simultaneously in Spanish entitled ¡DALE! ¡DALE! ¡DALE!

In the upcoming weeks, the Astros will roll out the new Root! Root! Root! campaign in a variety of ways, including print, through email campaigns and on billboards, radio, t-shirts, wallscapes, pole banners and columns.

Full illustrations and details will be posted tomorrow (Monday). Meanwhile, here are several writeups introducing the new campaign that reveal players that will be spotlighted in ads:

Stay tuned for more…

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I grew up an Astros fan but moved to Virginia after college. Last year I had an opportunity to take one of my daughters to an Astros game (August 3rd vs. Reds). After the game, we walked around a bit in the section where we were seated, looking at the sights of Minute Maid Park, taking pictures, and *tried* to collect a few souvenir plastic soft drink cups to remember our night. The ushers were downright rude to us, telling us we had to leave and “no, you can’t collect cups”. I left very disappointed in the way we were treated. I hadn’t been to an Astros game in quite a long time, and if this is the way the fans are treated, it will be even longer before I go back.

I love it!!! I look forward to participating. We need these new touches to the Stros experience🙂

You don’t REALLY want me to tell you how much I *HATE* this new slogan.
Good LORD……..WHO in Gods green earth thought this up for Astros slogan??????
Sorry Alyson, but this sounds just horrible, like a pig rooting around in a pig-pen.
Lame, lame, lame.

Did you folks actually pay someone *money* to come up with that slogan for you?

Ever realize that people only “comment” to bitch. It must be great living with you people.

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