Insider’s peek: photos, billboards are front and center as Astros reveal their Root! Root! Root! campaign.

Emphasizing the Astros’ passion for baseball and the importance of supporting the home team, the Astros rolled out their Root! Root! Root! 2012 marketing campaign on Monday.

Here is an example of the billboards you will see around Houston this season…

…and the wallscapes that will adorn Minute Maid Park:

Root! Root! Root! is based on the classic song “Take Me Out to the Ballgame,” played in every Major League ballpark during the seventh-inning stretch. Additionally, the Astros have launched a Spanish campaign to accompany the English version, entitled, “¡DALE! ¡DALE! ¡DALE!”

The campaign emphasizes the enthusiasm and passion for baseball shared by the Astros new ownership group led by Jim Crane and also encourages fans and the city to support the home team. The campaign will also reflect the excitement surrounding the 50th anniversary of the ball club and what it means to the fans, the city of Houston and throughout Major League Baseball.

In the upcoming weeks, the Astros will promote the ROOT! ROOT! ROOT! campaign in a variety of ways, including social media, in print, through email campaigns and on billboards, radio, t-shirts, wallscapes, pole banners and columns.

While we’ll refer to the campaign with exclamation points when we’re writing about it (Root! Root! Root!), the billboards and printed material will use periods (Root. Root. Root.). I really like the look of the billboards using the periods — it’s subtle yet bold, and has a definitive meaning that conveys two messages important to the Astros: they have a young team with likable players, and their ballpark, still one of the premier stadiums in baseball, is a great place to take in a game.

To enhance that message, the Astros introduced several fan-friendly gameday initiatives a while back, designed to engender good will with the fan base. These include allowances to bring food and water into the ballpark, and cheaper beer and ticket prices.

I’ve heard from a lot of you on the campaign already. What about the rest of you? Like? Dislike? Somewhere in between?


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It doesn’t matter how many banners are posted or what the theme is, the only way to regain the Astros’ fan-base is to produce a winning team.

This is pretty much the worst slogan the Astros have ever had.

Not a fan…is this really the best they could come up with? I suppose it’s better than “We are YOUR Astros,” but it couldn’t get much worse than that.

I like it! Our family is so ready for opening day…can’t wait to ROOT! ROOT! ROOT!

Root means something bad in australia

this makes me laugh

Maybe should use the next line for now; “If they don’t win its a shame” Which will be what happens for a while.

You know, I did not like the slogan when I first heard it. Seemed lame. But seeing it on the billoards and banners has changed my mind. Looks classy, direct and to the point, and I like the colors. After all, it just states what we all should do for our home team!

I’m with you, Carole…when I first heard it, I had to let it roll around in my mind for a while. When I saw the billboard artwork, I liked it. Very subtle and direct. I’m into keeping it simple…sometimes I think we try too hard to be too clever in this game…

Yeah, like an odd number of teams in each league.

It just seems uncreative. A team of marketing people got paid to rip three words out of an old song? And the plain black and white banners are, well, plain. Boring. Unmemorable. Honestly, a grade schooler could have come up with the whole thing.

I like the way it sounds in Spanish better than in English…..not sure how well the meaning translates……..

UGH……….that’s all I have

How long did it take for the marketing department coming up with this? Wow. Not impressive. And does it matter to us fans that the ownership and management wants to express their enthusiasm? Seems sorta inside-out to me.

There are those who will complain about the least of everything. It can’t be as bad as the 2011 season but just try thinking positive for once. It might even grow on you.

I guess I’m the opposite of other people. When I first heard the slogan, I thought it would be different and neat. But when I see the posters/billboards, they seem kind of blah to me. I thought they would deal with having our players put down their “root”s and start growing as a team together.

As a season ticket holder, I am normally on board…all things Astros. But this slogan is corny and look really lame. They look very much like the Generic brand items ….white label “GREEN BEANS”. Sad that they didnt ask us first…we would have steered them in a different direction. Sad that its a done deal.

Maybe this means they’re spending more resources where they are needed rather than on slick marketing.

As long as we never use, “The Return of the Good Guys,” again.

(I still have the trash can from the giveaway of the last game that year. So cheesy)

The new slogan makes me think of the late, great Charlie Root.

A lame — really lame — sloganeering campaign. But the choice of the word “root” does seem Freudian to me. In the slogan, “root, root, root” reminds you of the line from “Take Me Out to the Ballgame,” “and we’ll root, root, root for the home team.” The verb means cheering for and supporting a given team or person. But its homonym, the noun “root,” refers to an anchoring and a point of origin.

Jim Crane (along with Drayton McLane) allowed Commissioner Bud Selig to pull the Astros from their National League root to be displaced in the American League. Now Crane uses the word “root” three times in a ludicrous slogan when he is trying to replant the Houston franchise. Interesting choice of words.

I am a lifelong passionate baseball fan. I have followed and rooted for the Astros from the beginning (I don’t have to be told to root for the Astros, in their own market, for crying out loud.) I have rooted, I have experienced heartbreak and jubilation with the ups and downs of the team. Even a 106-loss season would not deter me.

Only one time prior to the last few months have I felt insulted as an Astros fan, by ownership, and that was when Hall-of-Famer Gene Elston — the best announcer the Astros have ever had, by far — was fired after the 1986 season (and we’ve been stuck with the narcissistic Milo Hamilton ever since).

But the total ignoring of me and thousands upon thousands of other loyal Astros fans in this switch away from the club’s roots in the National League by successive owners, Commissioner BS, and even the media, and the dismissive comments coming especially from Jim Crane have me so low about the 2012 season and so angry I truly cannot adequately put my feelings into words.

My decision, which still holds as of this writing, is to continue to root for the Astros in 2012 while focusing on being thankful for the memories, since the 50th anniversary logo will permeate much of the Astros’ presence this season and because it will be the Astros’ last season in the National League. My plan, which still holds as of this writing, is to switch to a steadfast National League franchise to “root, root, root” for beginning in 2013. Further, I will not use the National League name Astros to refer to the team that plays its home games at Minute Maid Park beginning in 2013. The Houston Astros, being a National League franchise, will be dead at the conclusion of the 2012 season, killed by greed. Since Crane doesn’t have the decency to change the name of the team for next year, I will refer to his club as the Houston American League franchise. But the more I, along with thousands upon thousands of other loyal Astros fans, get insulted by Crane and the lapdogs in the media, that decision to switch may come sooner than later.

As a passionate, loyal baseball fan, this whole thing is sickening!

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