The Astros will host two tailgating events in 2012. More to come?

The idea of tailgating around Minute Maid Park and the Dynamo’s new stadium has been a hot topic in Houston lately, and on Wednesday, the Astros responded with a plan.

Owner and Chairman Jim Crane announced that the Astros will host two special tailgating events during the club’s 2012 season to enhance the game experience for fans and learn more about the potential of hosting future tailgates around Minute Maid Park.

An event hosted primarily for young adults is planned for Saturday, June 2, and will take place in Parking Lot C on Texas Avenue. The Astros will set up a tented area and provide food and beverage. Fans are also welcome to bring their own food and beverage.

On the previous day, Friday, June 1, a tailgate will be offered for teens (ages 13-18) and will be non-alcoholic. The Astros will again provide food and beverage and the fans are welcome to bring their own, as well.

For both events, the Astros will provide more details to follow.

“We listened to the fans and a majority was in favor of tailgating for Astros games,” said Crane. “However, there are fans who have voiced concerns so we want to learn throughout the process. Following the season, we will make a decision on how tailgating will be handled moving forward.”

The decision to host Astros’ tailgates this season coincides with several fan-friendly initiatives announced by Crane earlier this year including a reduction in ticket pricing at various levels and a new policy allowing fans to bring food and water into Minute Maid Park.


Thank you Mr Crane for listening to the fans! I have another suggestion, and I have said it before. I have been to games in Kansas City and in Arlington, and they each have one night of the week that is like an “Autograph Wednesday” type event. They get 4 players to come up by the dugouts, or in the concourse area before games and sign and take picture for the fans, free of charge. I think for a young and unfamiliar roster, this could create some buzz amongst the fans, and help them feel like they are more connected to certain players. Teams do not always have to be successful on the field to sell tickets (look at the Cubs). Help the fans to feel like they are an important part of your franchise, and they will come. You are already doing a great job!
Thank you for all you have done and I look forward to the years of success in the near future!

I agree with John completely!!!

Love the fan initiatives! Another idea to perhaps bring back. When the Astros were in the Astrodome, my husband and I would once a week buy “bleacher seats”. They were $5 seats in the lower outfield section. They were unassigned and we loved it. We would go early to get the seats in case that section was sold out and watch batting practice, eat a hot dog and drink a beer. Good times!

The players usually sign autographs and most are willing to take pictures before the game. Every time I’ve gone a group of players always goes to the group of fans gathered by the field box seats to sign autographs. You just have to get there early enough. Not having a seat in that section isn’t really a problem either since it happens before the game. The ushers won’t stop you from going down to that area. Just FYI… Lol

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