Straight from the clubhouse: an inside peek at tonight’s uniforms

They’re hanging in the lockers and ready for wear…happy anniversary, Houston Baseball! See you at the game.

You think the caps are funny...wait 'til you see the strirrups! (pictures: J.D. Martinez, Jose Altuve)



Great Look and Glad the Astros stood true to their Roots


Now if they would only change the silly Astros’ name that they stole from the Jetsons, we’d be in business…just go back to the 45s, “Astros” name sucks.

My grandmother was a huge fan!

Love ’em! Our family will be there to root root root tonight!

no, the ASTROS name would not be from the cartoon, but maybe from NASA, and the ASTROnauts, outer space program in HOUSTON

Those are some of the most amazing looking uniforms ever!!!

If they changed the name back to the Colt .45’s, they wouldn’t be able to use the same logo which I think is part of the appeal of the original name. MLB had a cow just for them wearing them on the field twice this year. Shoot, for that matter, with all of the PC stuff floating around, they may not like a team named after a firearm. Astros has a uniquely Houston touch to it. Been an Astros fan since I started following baseball 45 years ago even though I have been in Houston off and on for only a few of those years.

Way to go I like the look and Good Luck tonight

LOVE ‘EM =D !!

Change the name back to the Colt.45’s to coincide going to the American League

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