Astros lineup 4/13 at Marlins. First pitch 6:10 CT.


I’m shocked that Millis doesn’t have altuve in the #2 spot he thrives so well in

Mills: Altuve, draw more walks!
Altuve: okay! *draws a bunch of walks*
Mills: meh, let’s move him down to the eight spot anyway and plug an unknown quantity coming off an injury in one of the most important spots in the lineup.

I like this lineup. Lowrie has more pop and is a switch-hitter. He is much better suited for the 2 spot. Altuve is improving his OB% which is great, and you want that from that 8 spot. You never want your pitcher leading off innings, and as long as Altuve keeps improving, that won’t happen much!

bogey should be batting 7th

exscuse my error I meant 8th

this type of entry emphatically presents superb qualitiy’s usefulness to blogging

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