The Marlins new ballpark: a very colorful experience.

One Marlins official probably said it best when he gave his assessment of the new Marlins Park: “We know it wouldn’t work the Northeast or other parts of the country. But it works here.”

I’m trying to find the proper words to describe the brand new home of the Miami Marlins. It’s definitely eye-catching. There’s a lot to take in at once. The lime green walls. The fish tanks behind home plate. The sculpture just to the left of straightaway center that I’ve been referring to on Twitter as the “home run #thingy.”

There’s a lot to like about this place. The ballpark, seating-wise, is cozy, with only 37,000 seats. So there is a more intimate feel here. The trapezoid-shaped scoreboard is funky and interesting, and the fish tanks that you’ve heard so much about? A very cool, Florida-like touch.

I’d like to first watch a game from here with the roof open before I make a final judgment. I’m guessing it’s a lot more scenic with the Miami skyline peeking out beyond the outfield walls.

New ballparks are always nice, because they’re new, and therefore, clean, and light years ahead of whatever rundown place they were playing in before that necessitated a new facility. So from that standpoint, watching, and/or working, a game here is a pleasant experience.

If I had to pinpoint one thing that I find bothersome (other than the #thingy), it’s the color of the outfield walls, simply because the lime green shade really dulls the color of the natural grass on the field. The extra-bright walls and the true blue color of the seats washes out the greenness of the grass. That’s unfortunate, because a well-manicured grass field is one of the best parts of a baseball stadium.

Take a look. What do you think?

Fish tanks behind home plate.

Home run...sculpture.



Now, on to more important things. Our photo of the day (and possibly of the week and maybe even the season), comes to you from the visitors’ dugout at Marlins Park. This was taken a couple of hours before game time, just as the Astros took the field for batting practice.

The writing on the tape at the top doesn’t show up well. It says: “Altuve 27.”

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Other than the horrible colors, it looks very familiar. Astros get any royalties for using the same basic layout in Miami? Its like Minute Maid by a color blind person in an art deco building.

I don’t mind the blue seats, but the green walls are a bit over the top for me. I do like the local touches (fish tanks, swimming pool, trapezoid scoreboard). I was really hoping the home run thing would light up so we could see it. I have a feeling it will look like a pinball machine in there when it does.

Like the previous commenter I thought it resembled MMP a LOT. Perhaps MLB Stadiums will start to look like putt-putt courses….Miami has the home run thingy and we have Tal’s hill….what’s next? If someone puts a windmill in Centerfield we’re all set.

I agree 100% about the ballpark. Looks really nice, but hate the “home run thingy’ and the green walls.

I agree about the color of the walls and the seats and their adverse impact on the grass. The home run display is really a bit too much, too. That cost them $2 million? Geez.

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