Astros lineup 4/22 vs. Dodgers. Beautiful day! Roof open. First pitch 1:05 CT. #rootrootroot


After that post on about Altuve in the second-hole, I figured Mills would at least wait for Altuve to cool off a little (.377 batting second?) before putting him back at eighth.

I think Altuve needs to be in the 3 hole. He likes to swing the bat. JD and Brownie had a good point when Schafer pinch hit the other night and Tuve went down 0-2 because it looked like he was trying to let Schafer pick a pitch. Let Altuve bat 3rd and JD 4th! Lee is old and washed up anyways.

I don’t see why Altuve needs to be in the 8th spot. He get’s hits and occasionally walks. JD or Lee can knock him in and the Stros can be up early on their opponent.

@Roy Rodriguez – I doubt that will happen. JD isn’t a clean up hitter, and I think he’s a natural at No. 3. Altuve apparently doesn’t have to walk a lot to get on base a lot, however – Mills putting Lowrie second simply because he’s a switch hitter makes little sense to me.

I live in Brownsville, Texas and should be watching the Astros’ game on Fox Sports but it is not happening. Fox Sports is showing the Rangers’ game and been showing the Rangers’ games during the weekdays also.

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