Astros eye candy: Wallpaper your phone with your favorite player.

In case you haven’t heard, your Astros are all about the Root! Root! Root! this year.

They’re rooting inside the clubhouse. They’re rooting on the field. They’re rooting on El Grande. They’re rooting on billboards. They’re rooting in videos.

And now, they’ve come up with a cutting-edge trend that can be accessed from the one device we use more than any other. Yes, folks, now your Astros are ready to Root! Root! Root! from their phones.

A series of Mobile Wallpapers are now available here and on The wallpaper features 13 different players, and all you have to do is choose the one you want and save it to your mobile device. The players available for wallpaper are Jose Altuve, Brian Bogusevic, David Carpenter, Jason Castro, J.A. Happ, Chris Johnson, Carlos Lee, Wilton Lopez, J.D. Martinez, Bud Norris, Wandy Rodriguez, Jordan Schafer and Wesley Wright.

Who’s your Astro?

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Too bad we can’t root root root from our iPads😦

You should be able to capture the photo and save it onto your iPad. I had no issue capturing the photos and saving them as jpegs for the blog.

Thanks so much! I’ll do that.🙂
Root! Root! Root!

My heart still belongs to Caminiti, Biggio, Bagwell and Puma.

I’d still rather have a Biggio one.

Wandy looks great on my phone!! Thanks!! Should get more players photos like this. Wouldn’t mind having one for every day :•)

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