Astros lineup at Reds. First pitch 3:10 CT.


Want to take advantage of the free Grand Slam at Denny’s. We attended the game last Sunday. When does the offer expire?..Hope it is not toolate…Thanx Alyson…Keep up the outstanding work…

They handed out coupons at the exits…I think that’s how you would redeem the Grand Slam.

I did not receipt a coupon when I left MMP, so I went to my nearby Denny’s and asked if the ticket was ok. The manager said it would be ok for this first time. I wnr yesterday armed only with my game ticket and got the free GS Breakfast. Just ask your local Denny’s.

Alyson:’s Gameday shows the “Martinez” in LF hitting cleanup today is Fernando Martinez. That can’t be right, but is it? If so, what roster move was made to permit that?

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