Updated list of Astros Twitter handles.

An up-to-the-minute list of Astros players on Twitter:

@cjastros23                       Chris Johnson

@brianbogusevic             Brian Bogusevic

@budnorris20                   Bud Norris

@downstown16               Matt Downs

@JordanSchafer               Jordan Schafer

@jordanlyles41                 Jordan Lyles

@JDMartinez14                 J.D Martinez

@J_Castro15                      Jason Castro

@lucasharrell34                Lucas Harrell

@Carlos45Lee                   Carlos Lee

@realweswright               Wesley Wright

@theoutlaw39                 Brett Myers

@lopezwilton59            Wilton Lopez


@jluhnow                     GM Jeff Luhnow

@astrosanalysis      Astros baseball operations

@astrosradio               Brett Dolan, Radio announcer

@daveraymond4       radio announcer Dave Raymond

@hind_snatcher12     catching coordinator Danny Sheaffer (links to his foundation, Blitsworldwide.org)

@FRomeroAstros         Francisco Romero, Spanish radio announcer

@astros                               Astros

@losastros                         Astros de Houston


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