Astros lineup 5/1 vs. Mets. Roof open. First pitch 7:05 p.m. CT.


Where is Jordan S.?

boo… put Altuve in the 3 slot and martinez in the 4. Trade Lee before you have to keep him, and get some newer guys. shoulda kept pence instead of him….

baldyp203547: you are not a smart person

Was wondering the same thing about Schafer, I’m assuming it’s just a rest day for him.

As for Lee, he has a limited no trade clause. Even if he agreed to be traded, no team is going to pick up his salary. No one.

Maybe this year. If he can put up decent number before the All-Star Break, it is a contract year for him, if he wants a job somewhere next year, he’s going to have to prove he can still produce. If he can do that, someone might just be willing to pick him up if the Astros eat a portion of his contract.

i’ve heard we’re willing to eat up at least half of his salary. personally i’m having a hard time thinking of a place that would want him. if lee gets moved, it’ll probably be in conjunction with myers. shipping them up to boston might be an idea, considering that team’s bullpen/injury woes.

Why would you put Altuve in the 3? He is an obvious 2 or 6 hitter… know your baseball…

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