Astros weekend roundup: Dog Day roundup, and a new Twitter for the seamhead population.

The sight of hundreds of dogs walking around the warning track is entertaining enough, but the added element of the sparkly doggie costume only enhances the festive nature of Dog Day at Minute Maid Park.

Whether it’s sunglasses and rock star fur-dos or the Astros logo shaved onto a dog’s side, this promotion always brings out the creativity in our dog-loving fanbase that participates in the Pooch Parade every year.

The promotion is popular among players as well — spotted at the Pooch Parade were Bailey Brutus Norris, Harley Johnson, Sophie Buck and Daisy Bogusevic. (I think there’s a trend among your Astros, considering the majority of their pups are of the bulldog variety.)

Bud and Bailey Brutus Norris.

Travis and Summar Buck and Sophie.

Chris Johnson and Harley.


Sunday’s ceremonial first pitch involved a Cocker Spaniel named Jenny, a foster dog who was diagnosed with bone cancer last December. With the help of the volunteers at the Cocker Spaniel Rescue of East Texas, Jenny created a bucket list and since then has made appearances throughout Texas helping to bring attention to the program and raise awareness for animal rescue.

With the help of retired NASA astronaut Michael J. Forman, Jenny was at Minute Maid Park on Dog Day to check the final box on her bucket list, a ceremonial “first fetch” with the Astros.

Starting pitcher Lucas Harrell was more than accommodating:


The amount of statistical information available these days to not only teams, but also to the fans who follow them, can be a little overwhelming. But if you’re a seamhead, you can’t get enough of it: the WAR, the VORP, the OPS, the BABIP…and if you know what they actually mean, you’re even more ahead of the game.

In other words, you’d fit in well with the Astros’ baseball operations staff.

To share their insights, select staffers on the baseball side have created a new Twitter handle: @AstrosAnalysis. They’ll post info they find interesting, whether it’s a cool stat or a detailed article that breaks it all down, seamhead style.

Give them a follow if you please…

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